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My favorite would be Guillermo del Toro ; El espinazo del diablo/The devil's backbone, Chronos and El laberinto del fauno/Pan's labyrinth are all what, for me a least, represents how you can blend fantasy, horror, politics and characters with a cause, in a masterful way. And I love also how he can make more blockbuster oriented movies without making you feel like your seeing transformers again (that scene in Hellboy 2 were they sing... priceless). And Spielberg also has a close second because Jurrasic Park was the first movie I've ever scene at a theater, and been loving his work ever since (and yes... even the last Indiana Jones).

Others I love are (in any order) : Alfonso Cuaron, John Carpenter, Pedro Almodovar, Frank Darabont, Chan Woo Park, Takeshi Kitano, Ridley Scott, Micheal Mann, les frères Darden, Woddy Allen, Marry Harron (only for American Psycho), Gaspar Noe, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Denis Arcand, Mathieu Kassovits, Coens brothers, Alfred Hitchcock and most (if not all) of the others already mentionned in the other posts above.

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Je crois que votre ordinateur a possiblement été attaquer par une bande de castor québecois enragés qui veuille votre argent, pour voulloir essayer d'avoir des rabais durant la vente d'été sur Steam... Je vous conseille de contacter votre banque, et aussi le service de protection contre les castor du Canada juste au cas.

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Hey i got the answer: PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY. There... And it cost zero penny.

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nice job dude

btw in case nobody said it: '' Rider, meet Horse. Horse... MEET... RIDER !!'' - Jeff

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A pistol that can also shoot like a TMP, has no reload, great hip shot accuracy and best of all... Infinite bullets. -------------> OP

Also when you fire ADS, bullets make an 8 (infinte symbol) pattern.

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