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2 years on already, thanks for the laughs Ryan, still miss your charming garrulousness.

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I still think I might wait for a slim version but yeah, getting harder to resist.

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Absolutely, loved the game as a kid but was never good enough to finish it. Part of me is hoping they do some fresh things with the gameplay and story, but I doubt that's on the cards. Guess we'll find out in 5 years right?

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Hey guys afraid I've got a pretty big client I have to work over the weekend for so once again I'll have to flake on you, (being a freelance design hippy has its ups and downs...). Have a great time and raise a drink to Ryan for all us duders who couldn't quite make it! Hopefully we can arrange another meet up soon?

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Still miss you Ryan, thanks again for all the laughs and for being such an inspiration to me!

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First day purchase for me too, I love Oddworld and really hope this game starts a new lease of life for the series.

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Sony had an excellent showing, but Nintendo made me ridiculously excited about the next year on wii u. MS did a good job too, but I didn't feel particularly convinced that Xbox one was the place to play the games they showed. Sunset overdrive looks incredible though.

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The art direction of dark souls never did it for me, but this looks sweet.

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Wage inequality is straight up bad for an economy and is at an all time high. if the question is 'should people be payed a salary that they can actually live off for working?' You'd assume everyone's answer would be yes right? The reason it's not is because people are worried that it will raise prices and actually result in job losses as companies look to cut workers to save costs. In a time when CEOs are earning the most they ever had compared to their lowest paid workest (an average of 200 to 1 in corporations), you'd think there'd be some lessons learned and an attempt to make pay within organisations more equal to strengthen the economy as a whole and benefit everyone.

That's how I see it anyway.

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Sure! I intended to go to the one last year, but work commitments got in the way at the last minute.