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Jeez... what a shit storm.

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My friend is selling his Xbox One for a PS4. I have considered the prospect of selling my Xbox One, I just need an good E3 to convince me otherwise.

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I'm not sure. It could be either option for me. I'm happy for the dedicated modders that create tons of interesting content for this game can now get paid for it but then there's the shit modders who will do anything to get a quick buck. I also wonder what Valve and Bethesda are getting out of this, what’s their cut? Is it like 80% something ridiculous like that? Hope it goes well.

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So happy they didn't just make this an FPS. I remember Battlefront as a third-person experience so this is great news so far coming out from DICE. Hyped for the trailer. I'm okay with not having the Clone Wars but they need to have space battles in there.

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Did the Giant Bomb crew stream the PC version in the end? I thought that was a thing yesterday.

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I was an active user of Gamespot when Jeff got fired. The Gamespot community went fucking insane of the forums, lots of staff quit and there were even protests outside the offices.

I didn’t really understand what was going on and I wasn’t actively watching or listening to Gamespot’s content either but the curiosity of what Jeff would do next lead to me discovering his little blog where he would do achievement point vlogs and the Arrow Pointing Down podcast with Ryan. Stuck around since.

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Dan Ryckert was an excellent hire and they didn't need nor ask the advice of the random people on Twitter who just so seem to be qualified experts on any subject matter. I trust that whomever Giant Bomb hires next, it be a good one.

Also, is it like the new cool just to trash and deny jobs on white straight men now? The fucking hypocrisy in this shit.

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@brendan said:

Expectations have come along way since the first Uncharted. A lot of people aren't interested in inoffensive mediocrity for the sake of pretty graphics these days.

Nobody is saying they have to be interested in it.

Listen I get that reviews are subjective. I'm fine that people dislike it, because it's hardly great. Same could be said for first Uncharted, or countless other third person shooter experiences. Hell the original Gears of War falls into a similar category as this does. My issue is the fact that people overreact to how mediocre this is. At what point did we as a gaming community got so uptight that anything that doesn't reinvent the wheel or flow with the expectations of the industry get so critically panned that people consider them with ACTUALLY awful games. Ride to Hell Retribution is an awful game. At no point should people be comparing something that simply plays/acts as limited third person cover shooter that is done competently, if lacking for some as bad as games that are ACTUALLY bad. Like broken, poor game design, horrible mechanic ideas, bad.

Do we forget that a good percentage of the series so many of us hold so near and dear started with a solid/mediocre if lacking first attempt?

Until we get a sequel that proves otherwise, we can't give it leeway for it being a first attempt. You could be right, the sequel may improve like Uncharted 2 did with 1 but right now, we have to look at the game for what it is and what it is, is a disappointing game. Is it offensively bad? No. It's just extremely disappointing and not worth the price it's asking for.

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They wanted a movie, we wanted a game. They focused entirely on making it a “cinematic” experience whilst sugarcoating the gameplay so it could have a PS4 logo smacked on the top of the box rather than a Blu-ray one.

The advertising and teasing led to expectations being raised too high and well, it all went downhill from there.