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I have a couple of Xbox One codes to share.

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I love the mechanics of Dark Souls, hated the difficulty. If this is just an easier version of Dark Souls then I’ll be way into that.

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I’m loving it so far but I suck so badly right now. I somehow thought that researching terraforming and terraforming every title 50 turns in was a good idea. Buying titles frantically didn’t help either.

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That depends if they can make a good story and whether or not that story will detract me from the gameplay. I’m not a fan of cutscene after cutscene after cutscene of dialogue in my video games, even if the story is good. At the very least, give us the option to skip them. Ideally it would be blending within the gameplay.

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Someone's opinion on the current state of the gaming industry is exactly corruption. Digging into other people’s private lives in order to gain that kind of information isn't a good idea either.

I don't think that people aligned with GamerGate are even that concerned about ethics in gaming journalism to begin with or at least there is this gap where one group is actually advocating ethics in game journalism but the other more interested in eliminating the SJW aspect of game journalism which is not corruption.

I also don’t think gaming journalism is all clean either. There are certainly problems to be had there but it’s more to do with publishers who are going to companies like IGN with bags of money so that they can promote their game rather than anything else. No actual evidence of that I’m afraid though, just on how obvious it seems.

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It was unprofessional and stupid. He has essentially destroyed the reputation of his company and it is very unlikely that they will be able to recover from that no matter how much damage control they do. That company as it is now is pretty much over.

Not only that, he’ll end up not getting hired anywhere else either. That one tweet has pretty much has ruined his career as a games developer.

Whether or not that is a justified punishment is not for me to say.

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Reviews and other people’s opinions via quick looks, podcasts are a big part of how I buy games. Games that have received very high scores and praise would definitely encourage me to go ahead and buy the game. Shadow of Mordor is a recent example, Bayonetta 2 another. Same can be said with games that get very low scores.

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Raids are already frustrating enough. To make it a requirement to get to the top level and doing it multiple times due to the RNG bullshit is even more so. I’m pretty sure I’ll just wait for the expansion unless my friends want a sixth guy in their raid.

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I think threatening to pull support from those consoles and making them PC exclusive would encourage console manufacturers to rethink their methods but ey, I'm no business man. Also the link for me redirects to Giant Bomb.

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I’ve been rethinking my position in all of this recently and I’m starting to agree that GamerGate has been nothing more than front for a hate/harassment campaign. Orchestrated by a small bunch of people to misinform other people into joining their cause in order to create a louder voice.

I agree with Jeff 100% here. We shouldn’t use GamerGate as a way to voice our concerns about game journalism anymore. If anything opinion pieces from sites like Polygon and Giant Bomb have been more beneficial to us consumers than IGNs 10 reasons why you should buy x. We seem to be fighting the wrong fight to begin with.