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Let’s be real here. Ubisoft as a company is not misogynistic or racist in the slightest. They have women in their company working on all different types of roles, even in senior roles. Heck, they’ve had a black woman representing them at E3 for three years straight.

Whatever their reasons may be, may be disingenuous but not for the reasons most people proclaim.

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Huh... I don't really get your concern.

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If it was cheaper than retail and it didn't take up so much of my hard drive, I may be more inclined to go digital.

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Maybe some people don’t hype themselves up as much as you do.

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None of them really. Some better than others.

  • Microsoft was really good for a company that utterly failed last year. Good stuff.
  • EA shouldn’t have even bothered. They got a lot in the pipeline but nothing really to show. Next E3 probably be better.
  • Ubisoft was pretty good. Lots of good stuff that was shown from them.
  • Sony dragged the conference out again but lots of good games being shown. Very disappointed that there was no announcement of the PS4 Vita bundle.
  • Nintendo had nothing to convince me to get that console or handheld still.
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If anything they should have been more emphasis on the guns. No silencer or scope attachments for most of the guns made stealthy approaches limited. No different ammo types such as tranquilizers. No smoke or flash grenades. Maybe they shouldn't of made him appear of some sort of vigilante hero and made him stay as a hacker criminal.

Not sure what they were trying to do with this game...

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Disclaimer: I would recommend that you talk to people who are close to you and see what they think. I’m just a random guy on the internet.

I personally think that if you are genuinely having doubts about your current career and you want change, go for it. I was an IT support technician for some time but like you I had doubts so I changed career paths to becoming a full time translator. Sure, it wasn't done overnight but it is feasible and it made me a lot happier.

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Some look for comedy, some look for skilful gameplay, some people watch it because they are interested in the game but don’t want to pay money for it yet. Others like watching people strategize in real time, watching them struggle and overcome against a formidable opponent.

Many reasons…

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Well done soulcake! We now recognise that you are a loyal fan of Giant Bomb now that you told us. Gold star!

I'm fucking with ya. ;) I recommend you watch Thursday Night Throwdown. So many good moments back then with Ryan.