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The crowd was fucking salty tonight. I don't get the hate towards Roman Reigns and he winning the Royal Rumble makes the most sense. Brock retaining the title makes the most sense. It was a good and entertaining Royal Rumble.

Daniel will get his chance. Patience.

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Na man. I want more Powerbombcasts! One per PPV.

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I don't think this game is going to live up to its expectations. It looks visually impressive but that's all it’s got. There doesn't seem to be anything else there that makes me want to purchase that game. Of course, this is going by what I've seen out of all the trailers this game had. If it turns out to be a good game, their marketing has been shit.

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With either of those games you need to go in with pretty low expectations. This is not Forza, DiRT or Gran Turismo quality here. If you can do that, you can have a reasonable time with those games.

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I'm strongly considering purchasing this game so will def check this out. PSN will be Jaalmo

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  • A lot of Civilization Beyond Earth. My friends downloaded it during the free weekend and it reignited my interest in the series.
  • I’ve been playing a fair amount of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Jeff spoke very highly of the game in the GOTY podcasts so I ended up giving it a shot and turns out, yeah. It’s a pretty solid game with one very big exception. Although the exo-movement spices the gameplay up, there is no room to experiment. If you haven’t got an ASM1 or AK12 with you, you’re going to be at a disadvantage from those that do. I end up just using these weapons now.
  • Don’t Starve Together has been very fun thus far, so much to learn and to explore. Having a group to adventure with has been a major plus.
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I see it like I see Left 4 Dead. Most will be done with it within a month but it will retain a strong dedicated community of players. I don’t see that community on the consoles however, it will be on PC where the mods are.

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It wasn't translated into English yet and it helped me so I posted it here. Not sure what the problem is.

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@hippie_genocide said:

@otakugamer: Storming the Reichstag?

I stopped at Burn 'em Out. It wasn't hard as in fair game let’s try again, just bullshit.

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Those who are looking into buying this game. An article was recently released by windowscentral.com showing how to purchase Puyo Puyo Tetris. They have also translated all the menu options into English.