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Honestly, I've forgotten what my starting class was, though I think it was Bandit (the one that starts with the Spider Shield). I had originally put points into faith because I was going to build a str/fth character but that quickly fell by the wayside. The 2 points I put into int was just so I could buy the sorceries and get an achievement. Lol. But yeah, I feel the same as you. I guess I could buff my Int to around 15/20, put some into attunement and do GMW but then again I could just put them into Vitality. Hrrrrm.

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I didn't even know about the arena yet. Never looked it up since my internet's been out. xD. Well, one of the bracket's in there is 51-100 and I'm at 100, so maybe it's would just be beneficial to stay at 100 if I plan on PVP'ing in the arena. From what it sounds like, that's where all the pvp's gone anyways.

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Haven't been on here in a while, but I've recently had far too much downtime and picked Dark Souls up again. I also haven't had internet access, so I've just been taking the time to build a new character for PvP whenever I get internet back. What I have is a lvl 100, and I'm looking for what to put the other 20/25 points in to finish it off. Here's what I have:

Str: 40

End: 40

Vit: 40

Int: 10

Fth: 13

Dex: 18

No points in resistance obviously. The weapons I tend to use most are a +5 Lightning Claymore, although I do have another claymore that's fresh and ready for upgrades along a different path if you suggest one. I also use the manserpent blade, and the BKGA of course.

Now, do you guys think I should put the points into INT or FTH? Should I invest them more into STR? Honestly, I'm at a block at what options I have here.

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Other than what's been said already; make sure you go kill Gwyndolin and buy his armor from Zena and get his soul. He's an optional boss so just to make sure you didn't miss him.

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Don't agree with any of this. I made it through without a guide, and didn't really have any trouble at that. It's not the game's fault that you skipped the prompt where you picked up the basement key. I also play on xbox and love the controls. I rarely have problems with the camera. You can hit through walls too. I do it all the damn time. Other than that, it's just a matter of the player. I'm on NG+ now and I still don't run past any of the enemies. The game's just too damn fun.

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Hell, I know the way to make a game like this popular. Put the Elder Scrolls name on it. Then you'll have fanboys from all over clamoring about it and explaining how Elder Scrolls is so revolutionary in it's gameplay.

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I'll give you a few tips that I've learned:

1. Stats-wise. Pick three stats and stick to those. They should probably be Vitality, Endurance, and something else. Probably STR. If you're doing a caster, then just get STR and DEX up to a minimum level to wield whatever weapon you want then focus on INT or Faith. If you're doing light armor, don't focus on endurance as much. NEVER put ANYTHING into Resistance.

2. Almost never go above 40 in any stat. The big exceptions to this are VIT and if you need 50 to cast a spell or use a weapon. Overall, I never see anyone go above 50.

3. Try to make a build for 120. This is a big PVP level area and will fetch you a bunch of PvP. This is what I do and I'm invaded consistently and can get invades consistently. I also don't suffer from co-op troubles.

4. Dark Grain RIng is amazing. Seriously, it's amazing.

5. Ring of Favor and Protection is also pretty cool. Until you put it on and can't take it off or it'll break. Lol. Make sure you're ready to commit. It is really good though.

6. Weapons are fairly balanced in this game. Find something you're comfortable with, then apply this: If you can use Sorcery or Faith: Upgrade it to +15 and carry around Sunlight Blade/Blade of Darkmoon spell/Crystal Magic Weapon spell. If you can't, don't fret. Just get a lightning weapon. I've used all sorts of weapons, and I prefer Lightning above all else. I'm one of those who can't cast faith or int spells besides basic ones like Heal.

7. If you're invading, find a way to heal yourself. Sorry to say it, but people don't play fair. If they do, then have an honorable duel. If not, you can heal while they're estus chugging. Getting your faith up to a minimum level for heal is a good way to do this. You can also heal with humanity or divine blessings if you have it to spare.

8. I forgot what they're called. I think it's green blossoms. They help a lot. Or use Grass Crest Shield. Even if you're two-handing your weapon and have it on your back, it gives you the bonus.

9. Dark souls PvP is a finicky and laggy beast. You'll get backstabbed from the front. Don't worry about it. It's just lag.

That's about it for now. If any of you have any questions, don't be afraid to PM me. I'll help you out the best I can.

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Happened to me the second time I made a new character. I was just about to fight the gargoyle and got invaded by a guy in full gold-hemmed, elemental weapons, etc. He dropped an item for me. I wasn't sure what it was, but it turns out it was an indictment. The bastard was just farming for indictments. I didn't know people did this at the time but it apparently happens a lot.

So he kills me, of course. Right when I pick up the item. With one combustion. Of course I don't use my indictment. So I got back to the gargoyle, layed down my summon sign and got summoned to a person who was invaded by the same guy. He was just standing at the top of the stairs next to the fog gate with the invader at the bottom. I was a bit confused why he just didn't go through the gate and dispatch of the invader, so I gestured to it. He went through, the invader got doomed and then he showed me he had no estus. Then we proceeded to whip the gargoyle's asses because sorcery is OP in PvE. =]. So I guess that's a case of me griefing the low-level griefer.

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They're just going to tell us that there's DLC, sell it to us, then laugh at us as we try to find something that's not there.

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It seems that the only place the frame-rate drops for me is Blighttown.