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Jedi Academy, Mount and Blade no contest.

What is up with all of these easymode games being listed? I need to find a different forum, because this place is turning into farmville.

And REALLY? Dark souls? I can -kind of- understand liking the game, but saying that is your favorite third person combat system, are you fucking high? That is the absolute worst part about the game.

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Infinite was so bland though. It lacked any innovation, was way too easy, and had mediocre combat more suited to the "filler" combat you see in interactive movie games. The only interesting part was the story and even that was too weird to give it any real merit.

Either way, this year has been a crapfest so far, but I'm guessing goty will go to Dota2 since it is launching this year.

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Is that a good thing or a bad thing though? I like the fact that there isn't a happy go lucky ending and it made you feel like shit. I'm sick of good triumphing over evil. I'd like there to be a bad guy in a movie that gets away with a cocky smirk on his face. I'd like a selfish piece of shit that dooms others because of his own greed because it's human nature. I'd like for somebody to scream for help and get ignored because of the bystander effect. I'd like it to be a bit more honest. Good doesn't always triumph over evil and sometimes the wrong result is actually the right result in terms of impacting an audience.

The fact that people still talk about it and still kind of feel shitty about it proves that Last of Us worked. For all the bad that happened it impacted people and made them question their own morality even.

I agree that it is impressive they have managed to last 3 weeks weeks without being forgotten, but I can guarantee you that in another month the only time The Last of Us will get brought up is when someone asks what the GOTY will be and everyone needs to say what they think everyone else will say.

The only reason I would give The Last of Us GOTY currently is because the last 6 months have been utter crap. I would give it an overhyped/10

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If you had as much common sense as you did Lotr knowledge, you might have realized that you should never bother even reading IGN, or Kotaku for that matter. You can't take them seriously at all, when they say "this game is good" they are probably saying "hamburger"

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I am going to go ahead and downvote every game except the STALKER games. Sleeping dogs for instance was repetitive, boring, drawn out, easy, and linear. Far Cry 3 was also repetitive, less boring, drawn out, much more easy, and linear.

Dragons dogma was okay, but very very repetitive. It also pissed me off to no end that I couldn't edit or level up one of my minions.

I also saw a Crysis suggestion so I feel compelled to point out that Cryis1 was the closest I have ever seen a room shooter get to being good. I have a riot every time I see all of these new games like Farcry try to emulate Crysis1 and fail miserably. How do you fail to emulate a failure? That is double fucking failure.

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Yes. Kinda like most people on the internet can be described with one word. Idiot.

Bethesda games are fantastic, and the guys complaining about the new direction of Fallout has the right to do so, but there's just no way around the fact that Fallout 3 is a fantastic game, and the same goes for Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim.

It isn't a new direction, it is pretty much the same direction with less depth and a more modern combat system.

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@iburningstar: Bugs and glitches are unavoidable when making such a huge RPG where every player action and choice can affect what happens in other distant places. If it was a linear FPS of course it would be bug free, but it isn't. And about the world being ugly as hell, what do you expect a post-apocalyptic wasteland to look like? It's supposed to give you a feel of devastation, which it did excellently. As for depth, what exactly did you find missing in the game?

If you think the bethesda games are good because "every player action and choice can affect what happens in other distant places" then your head would probably explode if you played fallout one and two. They take a dump on any current Bethesda release, and that is probably why fallout 3 got so much hate. Everything about the current Bethesda releases can be described with one word, 'gimmicky'. The combat, the puzzles, the crafting, the character progression, traits, the world, and the character interaction. It is amazing how so many things can be described with that one word.

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Stop telling people to care. Why should I care about these people I don't know? If I care about them, I am obligated to care much more about the god forsaken third world countries and honestly, I simply do not have enough fucks to give.

Stop using third world countries as an excuse to be a belligerent asshole.

Stop using ignorance as an excuse to be a hypocritical twat.

Says the person who's promoting ignorance.

Acceptance, not ignorance.

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We could call it an Xbox One.

"Oh shit, my Xbox One caught the Xbox One! What do I do?"

"Uh oh, that means your xbox is going to start bombarding you with ads and watching you 24/7 through the kinect."