Xbox 360 Completed Games

A list of all the 360 games I've played from start to finish, complete with a score for each.

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Posted by raddevon

Would you explain the "Lifeline" rating? Very eclectic list. I like it.

Posted by otoboke

Thanks, I'm still building it though ;) 
Lifeline is simply how many hours I think you can get out of the game on average. A rating of 6, say, would equal something close to 60 hours, 4 for 40 hours tops (this includes multiplayer.) Consequently, only a rare few will get a 10, obviously. 
Thanks again.

Posted by otoboke

Just to clarify: 
Full Price £40 ($60) retail games should offer 100 hours of gameplay on average to achieve a full 10/10 Lifeline/Value rating. For XBLA games, the math is simple; 1200MSP=25 Hours; 800MSP=17 Hours; 400MSP=9 Hours.