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have yet to get madden 15 to play a game online can never get it to find someone on xbox one ea's severs are shit

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Hi im otto

I love games, movies, music, and tech

2 months ago i found out that i had 3 bulged disk in my back but I have be getting alot better only missed 1 day of work.

I think giant bomb is the best video game website ever made with the best cast ever

hem what else I live in wisconsin and have like 1 sort of friend, there is not alot of people i have anything in common with here i dont hunt and dont care about sports when then packers loses around here the next day everyone is in a shit mood witch is crazy to me. this is not the place you want to live if you like tech trust me people around here are vary close minded

thanks ReapersPuppy for making this post 8)

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Might be the best looking movie I have ever seen just saw it in imax 3D

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Forest gump, up, toy story 3, saving mr banks, war horse, frozen, Schindler's list, man on fire, 12 years a slave, there are a ton more (I love movies) also all the fast and furious movies now cuts me like a knife now seeing those movies now

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did anyone buy one of the quo motherboards if so are they any good?

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going to miss him he was always the best part in his movies also did some truly great movies me and my bro will miss him

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GT: otto14


Dead Rising 3, Battlefield, Killer Instinct, Cod Ghost, Madden, NFS, Powerstar Golf, Forza, NBA 2K14, Lococycle, ryse, Ass cred, zoo tycoon

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keep losing progress in need for speed and now when i just went in could not switch to cops would load video but would dump back to racer anyone else having problems with it?

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Is there one or they all fake?

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I have had no issues playing it

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