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Maybe she was walking to her sister's work/somewhere she was?

Some of what you're saying bleeds that she's a tryhard to me, but she also could just be casually flirting. I'd say if she's not 18, though, burn that bridge. If she'd lie about her age, just imagine what else she'd lie about..

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I've been using my XBone a whole hell of a lot more than my ps4 these days.

I can play games on it just fine, the media focused interface and voice commands work good enough, if not better than the PS4's giant (and theoretically Neverending) line of shit, with a system menu sort of akin to the XMB above? I love both, but until we get some more exclusives coming out on PS4 that I care about, I'll probably continue to use the One more

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What a sad, depressing world we live in when a musical performance can be amounted to clicking play on a FLAC of some computer generated voice and instrumentals.

Fixed that for you! Re-fixed for clarification.

In all seriousness, it still takes some amount of skill to compose a likable song, even if the computer is doing the work of generating the vocals and instrument tracks. It's impressive to see someone play an instrument skillfully, sure, but computer-generated music is just as valid.

I'm sorry, but it's difficult for me to consider it a "performance" when it's music that I can download and play outside of said "concert" and have it quite literally sound exactly the same.

The only thing that separates EDM DJ's from Vocaloids is that EDM DJ's add in the art of the remix, and place their own special touch over a pre-existing song, whereas Vocaloids literally consist of someone clicking play on their FL Studio project that I can do when they release their album.

Maybe call it a stream?

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What a sad world we live in when a musical performance can be amounted to clicking play on a FLAC of some computer generated voice and instrumentals

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No Lang on this list = no fucks given

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I could be totally wrong, and don't have the time to look it up, but I think there's some likeness right copyright allowance in the US when it comes to political figures. Like, as they are public figures, paid by that public, their likenesses can be used with impunity or something.

Again, probably wrong though, and even that would really not extend to political figures from other countries, even if the company using that likeness is an American one.

Also, I'm listening to old Bombcasts and they were just talking about when Courtney Love flipped out about Kurt Cobain being in Guitar Hero 5.

Now all I can think of is digital Noriega singing "Under Pressure".

Governmental bodies are supposedly immune to actions for libel on the basis that there could be no intent by a non-personal entity, and further, public records are exempt from claims of libel. However, there is at least one known case in which there was a financial settlement as well as a published correction when a state government newsletter incorrectly stated that a dentist had been disciplined for illegal conduct. The rules covering libel against a "public figure" (particularly a political or governmental person) are special, based on U.S. Supreme Court decisions. The key is that to uphold the right to express opinions or fair comment on public figures, the libel must be malicious to constitute grounds for a lawsuit for damages. Minor errors in reporting are not libel, such as saying Mrs. Jones was 55 when she was only 48, or getting an address or title incorrect.


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Yay for not buying it on PS3! I remember hearing that the game was going to be one of Playstation Now's flagship titles for that service before the remake was announced, so I held off, knowing I'd be buying that PS4 at launch.

And now, I get a technically superior version of an already beautiful game with all the DLC for less than most of you PS3 players paid for it, so I call that a win!

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@zevvion: it helped that she also flirted with a few other guys on staff, so we all went forward together. (and I provided evidence of said lewd messages, which she foolishly left her face in)

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Idk, I'm using my kickstarter Ouya as an emulator box right now. If the RetroN5 just dumps cartridges instead of reading them like original hardware did, I'd see no reason to change.

Nothing beats the original, though.

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Not only was it a crush, I've been sexually harassed by a former coworker recently.

She started out friendly, but then after she needed my phone number for a car pool into work, she became flirty, started making passes at physical contact at work, and sent a few nudes over text. (she knew I'm in a happy relationship.)

Needless to say, she no longer works for our company