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@MrKlorox: Except that I almost never see anyone bother using UTC. It's usually GMT and PST.

That's the fault of the organizers. People cling to what they know even if it's not the most efficient. GMT is too ambiguous and allows for errors when daylight savings is in effect. UTC is more precise and stable.

Considering that UTC doesn't seem to be all that wide-spread yet, I'm thinking that it's also a conscious choice due to lack of public familiarity.

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Nope. Not any where I didn't revert to an earlier save because of death, at least.

It's not finishing without dying if you game the system.

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@MrKlorox: Except that I almost never see anyone bother using UTC. It's usually GMT and PST.

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I wish this sentiment was voiced more often. In fact, I wish that larger changes and more risks were taken more often in the video game industry.

To use Tekken as an example: It's awesome, but why do we need new ones anymore? If that's unreasonable, why do we need to carry-over so many elements from the past? You can just play the one that you already love so much.

It's like how everyone gets angry when a band changes its sound, even though their new sound is usually just as good. Then people turn around five years later and go, "Y'know, that album was really underrated." Video game example: FFXII. (Which then caused SE to make 13 awful. Thanks for that, bros.)

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One of the few instances where I think that Alex was decidedly the wrong choice for writing an article, considering past events. Normally, I don't mind at all. Here, some of the comments sound spiteful. Not so cool.

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Nothing, I guess, unless you count the community of shooters and hearing people talk about them in real life. If you let people dictate your fun with video games, you're doing yourself a disservice. Just assume everyone is full of shit and out to make you waste your money. Find multiple sources, don't preach one gospel... yadda yadda. I find that following my gut followed by saying, "Fuck everyone else, I'm doing this." either leads to rebellious glee or unexpected fun.

However, I think that this thread is a fair demonstration that the internet is the problem.

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I didn't really care for it. I usually don't mind some jank or weirdness in my games (I kinda' take glee in games with rough edges), but I just couldn't get into it. Nothing about it grabbed me and made me feel like I would continue to be entertained for a sustained period.

However, that's an opinion based on a fairly short period of playing. My general opinion is to try it if it seems interesting to you, regardless of the buzz around it. You might just be the person who actually really enjoys it.

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I'm super glad I was forced to go a year without any air conditioning. Now I hardly feel the need for it. I only ever turn mine on for the sake of my animals, otherwise I've sort of stopped minding being a little sweaty. It's especially nice too, when I walk outside and am the only person not feeling like they're getting hit with a brick of hot air.

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@MikeGosot: I don't see why assuming that middle school kids are fully-aware shitheads is optimism. But, if you'd like to go back and say that you made all the choices in your childhood knowingly and for all the reasons you meant, be my guest. I certainly know that I wasn't that smart.

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They should be banned from the bus, and maybe suspended for a while. @Jrinswand said:

I could only watch about 30 seconds of that video. What is wrong with kids these days?

We need to stop with this weird mentality that only 'kids these days' are the ones doing these kinds of things. I'm almost positive that when I was in school, there was probably a bus full of shitty kids somewhere in the world making life hell for someone. Sometimes kids are jerks, and this has been going on for ages. I'm sick of people seeing these videos and jumping to the conclusion that all kids are assholes. It's just a load of crap. My high school wasn't full of assholes when I was in school, and I'm positive most aren't these days, either.

I think there should be a reaction along the lines of "Holy shit, what's wrong with kids these days?" but we should also be trying to figure out what the hell happened to empathy. Where did it go for the kids? I'm sure we were all little shits at the age of 12, but even at my worst, I couldn't imagine telling an older woman that her children should kill themselves and then laugh in unison with others about it. It's a systematic problem, and kids don't have to be assholes. We, as a society, have to start answering to what's making them that way--which is probably society itself but that's a whole other ordeal.

You can't really solve a social issue by saying, "It's not us, it's them. How do we fix them?" I understand you're recognizing that to some extent, but PrivateIron is right. It's not like you or your parents were in some way less-shitty human beings. The system was just different. Either you parents were stricter or the system was stricter, maybe rebellion was not as popular socially, so forth. So, even though I get that you're saying that the flaw can be outside of the kids themselves, using that phrase is still pinning the blame on them.

(For clarification, I think they should be punished or they won't learn. However, I'm against the notion that it's kids that are worse. I've heard stories from my parents and grandparents quite often. While this may not have happened, they were huge assholes in other ways, doing violent and mean-spirited shit I would've never dreamt of as a kid.)

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All I know is wants them destroyed and I can't say I disagree. Not proper of me, but there's a reason I'm only interested in teaching high school.

I don't know how long you've been out of school, but High School is still plagued by immature rebellion.

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I don't believe that punishment works.

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They're shitheads, but they're in an environment that basically compels them to be shitheads.
That's not an excuse to what they have done. That's like saying that you can steal money when someone forgets their wallet, because the environment compels you to be a thief.

That's not really a good analogy. Maybe if your analogy is based around kids with the assumption that they're not fully understanding of the consequences of their actions. Moreover, peer pressure is a different beast than greed.

Finally, it's not an excuse (unless you think having their lives completely ruined by the internet is a just punishment). It's perspective. They deserve suspension and talking to. Y'know, the punishment we use in situations like this, for stupid kids who make stupid choices without realizing what they're doing. I hated these fuckers when I was younger, but I have perspective enough to realize that I was an asshole at that age too, just like everyone else.