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@techhits: I'm replying forever after you posted this but I agree. The game is wonderful and it got amazing reviews, I wish more attention was given to it by the fighting game community.

Even a slightly larger update adding the missing few console characters would be wonderful. A lot of people where complaining on how Huitzil, Pyron and Donovan weren't playable in DS3/Savior.

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Resurrection got an update today which included:

  • Fight Request to training and arcade mode
  • Fixed a bug where uploaded Youtube videos would not have synced sound and picture (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed a bug where certain awards would not correctly progress.

There are more listed on Shoryuken.

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Oh Zabel.

The game has got some awesome animations in general. Someone also pointed out that one of Pyron's animations, I believe his stun/dizzy one or possibly his time over animation, resembles Edvard Munch's painting The Scream.

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I don't know who these people are but in my head I'm going to pretend like this is a vote to the death!

Who do I vote to kill? Do I vote? What if I don't vote and the best guy ends up dying? So much self torture...grief...heart burn...gas.

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@Mr_Misery: One of Sony's biggest mistakes is not adding her to this game. She could easily be the one to drag in fans of Harry Potter or out dated technology like books and sunshine.

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Pretty much with a couple of other people, I'd just like to see the game get mad and hopefully well made. I feel like I'm too far attached to the current roster so thinking of new characters or accepting them (oh but I will accept them) is hard.

To comply with the thread though, I guess some sort of hunchback creature. He could be like the Dan to Victor's Blanka. Or is that backwards?

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I haven't gotten a chance to play the newer games. I did play a lot of Exile though. I remember going into the game's sprites and changing the color of characters pants and stuff. Being really young at the time, I'm surprised I had fun doing that. The games themselves were fun and I recall being oddly addicted.

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We actually leave a pan in the oven, the one everyone uses for eggs. After a while I've gotten used to it being there and taking it out. Other than that, I don't like the idea of taking stuff out of the stove. Too much work when you're full of hunger.

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For Netflix, I believe the way it's set up is you can only it running on one console per brand. So if you have two Wii's, only one can have it. But you can have it on the Wii and the PS3 at the same time and be fine. You can also have someone else watching Netflix on both those systems at the same time.

I've had little experience with Hulu Plus. It's neat because you get a lot of TV shows, a lot of new ones too. With Netflix you usually have to wait until the season is over and it's on DVD to watch episodes. The one thing I hated about Hulu Plus was the fact that it still had ads.