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Does walking dead qualify? Show is great and from what I read somewhere they are working on another show that takes place in the same world but with different people.

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Parking. I work at the largest employer I Virginia and parking is scarce. Start at 7am, to get a spot near my gate you have to be parked by 5am. If you don't mind a 30 minute walk it can be avoided though

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I have family in town until Sunday but I'll join a club or create one if needed. Kane_11b is my psn name

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I've been absent from the website for a good while, only just recently logging back in. About 2 months ago I started listening to the podcasts again and have been wondering what happened to Ryan. I saw a link today to this article while reading some random review and has to double take.

This is very sad news, I know I'm late to realize this, especially by Internet standards, but RIP Ryan, you will be missed.

A quote I tend to live by that I learned while recovering from my losses while in the army: tour never really dead until you are forgotten. Luckily Ryan will be immortal in regards to that.

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@jukezypoo said:
" I thought you meant that you did/saw/heard a woman for the first time because of the poorly placed line-break. "
i thought the same thing. Scary thought.
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@ZeForgotten said:
" Am I really the only person who has no idea who this guy is?   "
I don't either, but I don't know a lot of the users here anymore it seems. So I guess I'm not surprised..
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@EpicSteve said:
" If I went out on a date with a girl and she said "OMG" instead of "Oh my God", I would just leave. "
I completely agree with this.  I might not even say anything, I'd just gather my things and be on to the next one.
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@Icil said:

" http://music-map.com/  Type in bands you like, search by proximity.  Then I wiki the band and read some reviews.  "

this is a very cool website.  
As for the OP's question, the greatest music is the stuff that finds you. Pandora is great for this. Just put in an artist of the genre you like and let the good time's roll.  Once you hear a song you like, then go find some more from that artist.  Shazam is also a handy app to have if you have a phone capable of that. Hear a good song at the store? Use Shazam and tag it, then you'll know who to search for later once your back at your computer.
Luckily for you, there is aton of amazing music out there. Don't limit yourself to popular music either, check out some local unsigned bands. Some of my favorite bands aren't even signed yet. Good luck on your journey. Music is amazing!
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I remove my ex girlfriend then re-add her about once a month. There is ALWAYS a backlash over it but I don't care. I just removed her again a few days ago but this time I have no intentions on adding her again. She's just a hassle.

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@Sweep: I don't know much about photoshop at all, but you did a great job, Sweep.