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no thanks

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this list and the whole e3 nominees thing is pretty dumb, but damn Alex is a great writer.

I need to go back and read some more GoN pieces.

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Aalborg, Denmark

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this is as great a name as the kessler run

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@rorie if you think the game is too easy, hard mode is for you.

You should be able to pick it as you NG+.

This is the only game in recent memory i have played, where the physical appearance of your character actually matters. You can carry more if you're heavier and sprint faster if your smaller, you get longer reach if you're tall and so on.

Also, i think people make the non-pawns for solo runs, where you just throw your pawn off a cliff and solo for more of a challenge and higher dmg as assassin.

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i knew the sigint agencies were wasting everyone's time and money but, i didn't know to what extent...

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This thread's all right. For a video game forum anyway. I prefer the original.

well you'd have to read it in it's original Russian, or you won't get the a lot of authors satirical nuances.

The biggest issue in video game storytelling is ludonarrative dissonance. The last of us is a good example of this where, one moment you're a starving weak man with a conscience, who has taken a bullet to the knee or whatever happens in that game(, it's been a while). The next you're silently murdering whole platoons of organized marauders by yourself with makeshift weapons. if you saw a movie where your main character was that inconsistent you would probably think of it as a bad movie, unless it was a movie about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In which case you would probably still think it was a bad movie but for completely different reasons.

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feel like cod, should probably have won this. Knew Me would win though and it makes sense.

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both games are great in concept, but i think ME 2 takes in on execution, as it looks better, sounds better, and is more polished all around.

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i feel like modern warfare would have a better chance of winning if there hadn't been 6 progressively worse CoD title released since to sour the world on the franchise, It had great MP and one of the most memorable moments in gaming for me( ,see nuke scene). Skyrim is a great game however, and one that i put hundreds of hours into.

I voted MW