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When I was very young, I lost all of my grandparents, but I didn't feel the extent of those emotions at that time, nor will I ever. I just didn't have a big emotional bond with them because I was so young.

2008 was the debut of the Arrow Pointing Down podcasts, which eventually became the Giant Bombcast. I've listened ever since, and I know I'll listen far into the future. Ryan was apart of something so special in my life at an important time for me. The bombcast was more than just a hobby podcast with knowledgeable hosts, it was like hanging out with a different group of friends than my usual circle. Filled with our own in-jokes and discussions that I never knew how important they were to me until Ryan's passing brought it into perspective.

I've gone through a very tough year since his passing, but it gets better every day. He was the first person in my life that passed away with me being older than 8. It hit me hard. That whole week I was a bit of a mess, but that's because he had such a profound, positive impact on my life. My wife at the time was unsure of how to console me, and I think she didn't quite understand how important he was in my life. I would spend at -least- 2-3 hours with him and the crew a week through the podcast, but so much more through the videos, livestreams, quicklooks, posts, tweets, you name it. Ryan was a true friend, even if we never met.

My wife and I have since divorced, and it has been a really hard time on me. Lots of things have changed around in my life, but I'm working through them. The bombcast was with me through the past 6 years and always helped me through tough times, this year included.

Like many here, I will never forget you Ryan. You were an amazing man to have spent so much of my time with, and I miss the heck out of you. We're all lucky that so much of your great personality is alive and well on film. Keep being you, wherever you are.

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Thanks! I made some awesome progress last night. Can't wait to jump back in again tonight (10:30 est!) and get back on track. I swear every time I play I learn 5 different things, it's amazing.

I wont be streaming my normal schedule next week (out of town for March 26,27,28 on my wedding anniversary vacation!). Just a heads up! I'll try to post on twitter for updates on streaming, linked on my twitch page.

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Hey everyone! I'll be streaming in about 10 minutes for an hour or so! Feel free to join, duders.

old post:

Just finished with the stream tonight and made some amazing progress! Also got a better hand at the combat system, experimented more with shield bashing and opening up enemies for attacks which really helped in certain situations. Got some light tips from a fellow Duder that gently nudged some questions in the right direction about systems/mechanics, so thanks to Lazum5 for that! I'll update this again next time I hop on in case anyone else wants to join in on some DS murdering.

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Figure it was worth posting here on GiantBomb. I've always loved listening/watching Brad, Patrick, and Vinny's playthroughs of DS and they were the reason I've started playing. So far I'm about 2 hours in on the second boss. (Some giant demon death-creator Minotaur with a club.)

I'll be streaming tonight at around 9:45/10:00 EST at Here on twitch if anyone wants to hop in and watch! Light clues are fine, but otherwise I appreciate going in pretty blind. Some minor guidance is encouraged so I'm not running around with a terrible build where I shouldn't be! Feel free to drop by and have some fun. I'll see you there if so! Twitch schedule is listed on my page if you want to check back in again. And if there's enough interest I don't mind sharing my experience through this thread as I go through sorta-blind. Loving it so far though, and excited to play it every time I stream.

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Steamname: outlawed (or outlawstarxgp Whichever works)

Location: USA Est

Exp: Beginner. Played very few vs human games so far.

Favorite hero/Role: Lion at the moment. I feel like I do good support with him. Still learning to improv my LH and Deny skills.

I have the ability to play evenings during the week and as long as nothing is planned, anytime during the weekends. (Wife+Work permitting! Haha)

I'm a 23 year old who is looking for like aged and minded players to play with! Must be up for team chatting and shooting the BS but also want to improve their game or mentor me if you're experienced.

Message me on here or steam!

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Just want to say thanks to everyone who's been great in the chat channel/corp. Vets have been helpful and the chat has been really fun in general. I'm Kuler Rynalds in the game, feel free to hit me up at all. (Also, the two above posts that were deleted are mine-- somehow no text went through either post.)

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@KnifeySpoony: No no no no no. I don't design them. I wish.  All credit for those creations go to Lyrin @ deviantart.  I just remake them from the plans given.