Best of 2009

outlawed: Best of 2009
My games of the year. Unfortunately, I've yet to play some of the games I'd really love to (Borderlands, Brutal Legend, Dragon Age), but those will have to wait for January.  I had a hard time filling out this list with games I played that were released this year, as I played a ton of older titles, so bear with me on some of the inclusions. However, I really do feel that these games chosen went above and beyond to deliver the best experience on their respective platforms.  (Also, I don't own a PS3. Cry.)
Honorable mention: Fallout 3. The DLC was released this year...also I bought it this year. But because the core game was released last year, I left it off the list. But believe me, it would have taken the top 5 spots. Definitely my favorite game I played this year by a landslide, and that says a lot.

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