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"Wait you mean act like a douche on Xbox Live? "
Only against brits okay? "
Really, you're the one that sounds like a complete dick and are borderline racist. I hope this helps you understand why the rest of the world has such a negative view of Americans. "

As a mather of fact, im not american.
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"All is fun and games till the down pour starts and everything is ruined.  "

LOL got you there :P
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@wolf_blitzer85 said:
"Wait you mean act like a douche on Xbox Live? "

Only against brits okay?
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 Hello, fellow community! 
Today, when i played Black Ops, i played Search and Destroy. There was this huge group of brits, talking about random shit. I said ''HOLY CRAP BRITS!'' and they started yelling words like ''twat'' and ''idiot''. When they left i said to the others, ''YES NO BRITS!'' and then they came back and i said: ''The brits are back for mooore!!!!'' and then they started yelling more shit louder and louder. I started talking in english accents and one of the lines were: ''YES ALISTAIR, LET US DRINK SOME TEA!!!'' and more. My favourite line was: ''I wonder what will happen if i send these brits a friend request? They probably will say more words i barely understand.'' and then they started saying FUCKING TWAT and shit. Then i said ''Probably because you're from a stupid fucking island in Europe''. Then when i was about to leave the game, i said ''Fuck this shit, you can do your teadrinking without me'' and i left. 
Has anything similair happened to you?
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I saw this on Youtube from a guy called darksydephil, he's awesome and i watch his playthroughs all the time and i thought this would be fun if you had one of these. Its like a cookout with pools, and BBQ's, but with video games also. Would love to go or arrange one of these.   Heres a video from darksydephil:
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"for Daft Punk fans:


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Did you get that ''dude falling off building'' emblem with inspiration from Mad Men?
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Well, i saved the base, but if you want a good shepard (hehe that sounded funny) destroy the base, but i would think twice about not screwing The Illusive Man. Anyhow, if you want a renagade motherfucker badass with the fag red eyes which i hate, go and save the base.
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Wow, nice work!! 
BTW aren't you that guy that made that thread about 3 word story or something? I loved that thread.
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My dreamjob is to be a bartender. Got laid off from work last month (OKAY GUYS I DONT WORK AT EA) so im currently jobless. It's like a homeless guy just that he has a house...and stuff.....yeah.