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$91.02 Million.

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$85 million.

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It seems when I'm watching archives with the new video player after 30-60 minutes the time on the scrubber does not really match the time of the actual video and it will freeze up. If I select a section a few seconds before the time it showed when it stopped the actual video then it resumes from a section of the video about 2 minutes in the "future." I then have to find a section before that to get back to my original spot.

I think this is also what is happening if I pause the video for a few minutes and resume. It just jumps to a future part of the video by a few seconds (maybe a minute?) instead of resuming where I left off.

My guess is it is calculating the run time incorrectly.

Chrome 32, Windows 7 64 bit.

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I've found that once in awhile if you just scrub to another location (like a few seconds back) it will start hiding again.

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I was signing up for the PayPal membership and noticed it includes sales tax.

Does the regular $50 annual membership (with the $15 store credit) also include sales tax?

If it doesn't I think I'll save the few bucks and ask a friend for their credit card and get my own choice in t-shirt.

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I think you should get everyone to put puppy gifs in their articles from now on.

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@supamon said:

Looks ridiculous. With that much space you'd think they could toss in the 2nd analog stick. You can't even slap the circle pad pro onto it.

It would look a little like this

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I'm certainly a fan of the concept of a cheaper 3DS without 3D, but this thing seems to have a really odd form factor (not just in terms of portability, it looks straight up uncomfortable to hold) and a name that'll be even more confusing to consumers than "Wii U".

But at least if you buy the 2DS you can play the same games as the 3DS that's fine. Parents just have to know it costs less. With the Wii U you had to explain to people that it's a whole new system that played new games that you couldn't play on your older system.

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