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$12.55 million

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I feel it would be bad to be first, but oh well, it should be random.

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Came here to report the same thing. I was hoping to get the high quality version of Metal Gear Scanlon while I sleep but can only access the mobile version since the others on the drop down list is blocked behind the video.

Also the text is like white on white for some reason.

How come it's not possible to get the true desktop version of the site on mobile browsers even with Request desktop site checked? Must be the responsive layout.

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I thought V/H/S was a pretty good movie, but V/H/S 2 gave me such a headache from just the first 30 minutes that I couldn't finish it. I think the only other time I got motion sick like that was from the first Marathon demo on XBox Live Arcade.

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I like to watch live streams when they are streaming, but a lot of times I can't stay for the whole thing so I will pause a lot.
Lately they added a "feature" to the live stream page where it would auto refresh if they end the show.
Obviously it kind of stinks when I'm half way through UPF because I had to pause to do something else and then it auto refreshes to the Swedish Chef page.

Is there a Chrome or Firefox add-on or setting to turn off the auto refresh? I have RefreshBlocker 0.8 installed in Firefox, but that didn't help. I also have the "Warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page" setting in Firefox enabled, but it still just auto refreshed.

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Yeesh. It took me like 10 tries to properly get the link. I kept messing up a different number each time. It's too early.

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That watch looks better in videos than these promotion shots.

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Has anyone tried using xbox.com to get the free XBox One copy or does it only work on a physical console?

I have an XBox360 only and probably won't get a XBox One until after the promo is over.

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$91.02 Million.