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I (2K Greg) gave a shout-out because you guys deserve it!

Seriously I love the achievement system here. I don't post on the forums here (although I lurk a bit) but I come multiple times a week to look at the latest achievement stats. I love checking them for a brand new game each day to see as the rarity on some achievements change.

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@snide said:

" @OverloadUT: Click the little twitter bird icon on your profile page. It should let you disconnect / reconnect. "

Yes, this allows me to turn on and off the daily tweets, but it does not allow me to reassociate my GB account with a completely different Twitter account. Clicking the icon multiple times simply toggles the feature on and off. 
Edit: Never mind! I see now that you were talking about my profile page, while I was trying to do it from the Achievements page. Doing it on the profile page did exactly what I needed. 
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Hey there, 
I accidentally associated the incorrect twitter account to my Giantbomb account. I already went to Twitter and deauthorized the Giantbomb oAuth connection, but I don't seem to be able to associate my CORRECT twitter account with my GiantBomb account. There appears to be no way to tell GB to forget which twitter account I have and to go through the oAuth process again.