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I dont think there's a PC version so Im good. Not for snob reasons but my old consoles are gone.

There is a PC version, just go check Steam!

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There is a comment on that article asking if there should be a copyright lawsuit on giantbomb for using a very similar logo to gamebomb...

Is this what reality is?

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Marty Friedman's new album just came, it features a track co written with Jason Becker.

They haven't collaborated on a track since cacophony so this is quite exciting for me!

Have a listen:

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Beer Sheva , Israel.

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@bisonhero said:

@rowr: I'm less surprised, since the MOBA community seems to pretty quickly ignore anything that isn't literally trying to be Dota but with minor tweaks. Anything that shakes up the genre (Awesomenauts, Super Monday Night Combat, Heroes of the Storm, this game) gets ignored.

RIP Super Monday Night Combat.

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After finishing BL2 i had my fill of the borderlands gameplay, none of these new additions seem enough for me to want to jump back into a new game.

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@mb: It's funny you made this topic because i just saw 25th Hour for the first time about 2 hours ago.

And he going to be away for 7 years in prison not 20 which would be a much more hard to answer question because 20 years is pretty much the end of your life.

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Is there anyway i can still download that file or did they remove it from the server after the video went down from the site?

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I never played EVE for a significant period of time to properly learn the mechanics of that game but alot of what you described can be found there.

This is why i don't think this will ever happen in a big budget game because all of these systems will be incredibly intricate to convey to the players and will alienate a big part of the population that don't want to spend an unreasonable amount of time in a game.

This works for EVE because it is relatively low budget and simple to build content for with space being the only environment and the only thing they mostly add is new ships and more mechanics.

I wish the MMO you describe could be done but i have my doubts about the viability of such a beast.

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Given how "amazing" the humor in Michael bay movies usually is, i'm going to say this is going to be awful.