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Sad to see you go Patrick, in some ways you were my favorite voice on GB and your contributions will be sorely missed. Good luck on your next Adventure.

You have made me a fan for life!

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Still waiting for some deeper sales on Kentucky Route Zero / The Fall / The Banner Saga. Patrick's and vinny's enthusiasm convinced me to finally try them.

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If this is anything like SMNC...I AM ON BOARD METZEN!!!

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The quality of current Metallica's music aside they are a great garage band show demonstrated in the Antarctica show they did last year.

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Very sorry for your loss Jeff, me and the whole community are with you!

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I dont think there's a PC version so Im good. Not for snob reasons but my old consoles are gone.

There is a PC version, just go check Steam!

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There is a comment on that article asking if there should be a copyright lawsuit on giantbomb for using a very similar logo to gamebomb...

Is this what reality is?

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Marty Friedman's new album just came, it features a track co written with Jason Becker.

They haven't collaborated on a track since cacophony so this is quite exciting for me!

Have a listen:

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Beer Sheva , Israel.

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@bisonhero said:

@rowr: I'm less surprised, since the MOBA community seems to pretty quickly ignore anything that isn't literally trying to be Dota but with minor tweaks. Anything that shakes up the genre (Awesomenauts, Super Monday Night Combat, Heroes of the Storm, this game) gets ignored.

RIP Super Monday Night Combat.