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You made me curious enough to look it up. This is rankings by traffic. No clue about the money/revenue end of things. http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/video-game-websites

TL;DR: #1 is IGN, #3 is GameSpot, #9 is Giant Bomb

Out of curiosity, what'd you mean by "we probably don't have much to worry about"? I wasn't planning on worrying in the first place! hah

Am i missing something or is Polygon not even on the top 15 gaming websites?

Seems ridiculous considering the budget that crew has.

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Thank you for expressing my feelings for Perfume in text format.

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I played some of the Game of Thrones game and got really bored of it, it just seems super inconsequential to the overall world as compared to the book and show, it just feels like the wrong universe for the style of game they are making. This is really strange since i think the format of that world fits super well with the style of game tale tell are making, perhaps that is the reason it is easier to see the flaws because there is such a big parallel between the game and the show.

The borderlands game seems like it could be fun but i chose Life is strange for my story focused game.

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This whole knife point phrasing is kind of amusing to me as an American.

Congratulations on your most evil post!

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Valve has so many talented game developers on staff but they don't seem to have any projects in development...what are they doing with all of those people?1?!

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Also the "they're still setting up a studio" for GBeast almost seems like a running joke now. How many months have they been setting up that studio? It doesn't seem like it should take this long to get some recording equipment set up when you have the backing of CBSi. I'm aware that the backing of a big company also comes with things like budgeting and justifying spending, but if it's taking this long then man CBSi seem super incompetent.

You should check out the Production panel Vinny was on, he clearly explains the problems they have been having at the New York Offices.

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I was just listening to Jeff's Q&A from Pax South and apparently this quick look was taken down because of a DMCA from Rockstar.

Anyone know if there is any other place this video is available to watch, i would love to see the lost gem.

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Anyway, I got the new capsule album, and I don't know where else to express this opinion, so...

If you like the new capsule album, you're worse than wrestling fans and anime fans combined. Good lord, if it isn't the most hackneyed, out of touch, cliched impersonation of an already joke-of-itself rave genre I've ever heard.

Holy Christ is the new album disappointing.

I feel like up to this point i could listen to any of Yasutaka's music and know who it's from, but this one is just the most bland piece of music iv'e heard in a while.

My biggest worry is that he will expand this style to he's other projects (Kyary , Perfume)...

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Hey Nintendo, release the games on PC and maybe i will play them!!!