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I been playing mostly on PS3, but I will play it on Xbox anytime.

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I still have faith, and I know its a beta. My problem with the game is stuff that will not be fixed. Like that horrible map, its plan awful.

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I can't say I have had no problems, but I can say none of the bugs have been game breaking. I'm playing the Xbox version.

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I have been busy trying to get a video series going called Co-op Buddiez. where I play Co-op games with people, and chat about the game or random stuff. One did well the others have not been getting much views, granted I don't have many subs to begin with. I think the last one we did was the best commentary wise. Game play not so much, because I was like level 23 in a game for a like 6 or so. and they got caught up talking and not playing. But that's what happens a lot.

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I guess nobody is having the problem I am, where bad guys just spawn in front of me out of thin air...  Today I was walking and 3 people just spawn in front of me and attack, i turn around and 3 more spawn. It has happened with the robots also. I'm guessing its just a load issue.

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I was digging it till after only a short time I was on the last quest... It's really short, and most of the time its you running from one end to the next. Or trying to figure out how to get to some place.
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I never cared much for Wake Island, but the more maps the better!

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I'm guessing nobody played their other games. The combat, and movement looks the same as them.
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My game locked up once (PS3) and it seemed like a game problem not a system problem. all the moving objects dissapeared, and the main charactor when into a T stance. the auto played like normal.
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Wasn't enough footage to get excited, I call that a crappy teaser. I'm pumped for the game and all, so I want more gameplay.