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Posted by ImmortalSaiyan

Great list, well explained. 
Posted by owl_of_minerva
@ImmortalSaiyan:  Thanks, glad someone read it.
Posted by Icemael

1, 2, 3 and 5 I agree with. 4 I would never put on a list like this (mechanically it's as mediocre as can be, and the story... well, you know what I think of even the very best video games stories). The others I simply haven't played, either due to complete lack of interest (8, 9, 10), or because there have been other games higher on my priority list (6, 7).

Despite all that, I still think I like this list the more than any other I've seen. Very few include Bayonetta, Vanquish and Super Mario Galaxy 2, and I don't think I've seen a single other that puts them in the spots they should be (at the very top, unless something of Espgaluda II's caliber is present).

What game's combat system would you say FFXIII's resembles the most? As I said, I haven't really had any interest in it whatsoever (because firstly, it's Final Fantasy, and I haven't enjoyed a single Final Fantasy I've played -- especially not the last action-focused installment: the stupid, tedious Crisis Core -- and secondly, most people hated it, and I figured that if this one's so bad even the fans of the series find it boring, it must be almost unfathomably tedious), but your description piqued my interest.

Posted by owl_of_minerva
@Icemael: If you haven't liked any of the FF games in the past, the chances of you liking XIII are small. It's far better than Crisis Core though, one of the most boring action RPGs I've ever played. I can't think of any comparisons to the combat system except maybe FFX-2 with its costume changes that give you different abilities in the middle of combat.  However, I'm inclined to think you wouldn't enjoy the game: it is aesthetically amazing, the story is one of the better ones since VII, and the mechanics are innovative and more or less unique. On the other hand, you probably won't be engaged by the story or the characters, and the mechanics are explained exceedingly slowly. If the game unlocked everything from the start it would be better. What I can't understand is people who like the series but have failed to notice how it eliminates some of the boring and unnecessary elements holding the JRPG genre back.
As for RDR, my defense of it is similar to yours regarding Alan Wake and Batman: AA. It is one of the more aesthetically excellent games I've played this year and its story is one of the best. Although the mechanical failings are pretty disappointing, I didn't find it quite as annoying as Uncharted 2 or Mass Effect 2 which try to paper over their mechanical failings with bad stories, whereas Rockstar have become better story writers over time.
Anyway, going from what I know of your tastes you should avoid 8, 9, and 10 (some of those would probably not be in my list if I played more games released this year) and you should definitely play 6 and 7 when you have the chance. I'm particularly interested in what you think of Shattered Memories because the story is quite intelligent and original, and it gets rid of the tedious combat.
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This list is amazing. In the comments sections of the site and the forums you've fast become recognizable as not only a user who is reasonable, but also quite well spoken (or written I suppose). I also happen to strongly agree with your tastes, which is a bonus. 
Again, excellent list. I only wish I had read it sooner to realize I'm not the only person who put Bayonetta and SMG2 as 1 and 2 (respectively). The rest of the list is also class, if occasionally safe. Your defense of 13 is admirable, as I've never understood the hate it gets myself, only being a casual fan of JRPGs. I will say though, that among my personal ring of friends, 13 is widely considered to be a good FF, which only compounds my confusion when faced with the internet's reaction.

Posted by owl_of_minerva
@Zippedbinders: Thanks for your comments. I agree that some of the choices are a bit safe, which in part is because I play a lot of older games. If I played more games that came out in 2010 I would almost certainly replace Starcraft 2 (especially Starcraft 2 in hindsight), FFXIII (although it would get an honourable mention), and Deadly Premonition (again worth an honourable mention).