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Hey thatpinguino, I've been looking at your post on here for a couple of days now. I played magic primarily between the time spiral and alara reborn blocks, and was wondering if there was ever a time where you'd take a fetch land like Flooded Strand over Terramorphic Expanse? The only thing i can think of would be that TE might not me tournament legal in this rotation, though gatherer doesn't indicate that.

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When did the announcement happen where Uber pushed the work of the other factions onto the modding community? I havn't checked PA in a while and it seems like they kinda just dropped it...

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Scoops bringing the news like always!

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Aw..... no..... jesus......

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"duuuuur i hate patrick derp derp feminism is teh suxx lololo1 deel with it boobs"


(sigh) Great article Patrick. Dont stop plz

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please SEGA, I love Relic's 40k games.... let them do more.....

EDIT: google searches seem to indicate they DONT own 40K. Well thats a bummer...

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Dont smoke cigs, but I have a couple tobacco pipes and a hookah that i love.

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I was going to post something snarky but then i saw Twin Peaks.

Excellent choice.

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I've got a couple records with no means to play em, but my friend had a turntable and we mostly just played Dark Side Of The Moon over and over

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Hey, if you look at SL68's profile, his only wiki point is for editing "Butt Jiggle" as a concept. I get the feeling you've spent a lot of time looking at vidya-game butts, are upset that slightly SLIGHTLY larger is the current trend, and are now trying to link it to obesity in America (because only America has obesity, right?)

Next time you want to talk about butts, just go ahead an be honest about it. Maybe make a poll.