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Gonna log in and verify my details

will be back when i find out. Is there a level restriction?

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When I'm not working I usually play in the evening central standard time

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@dream431ca: Sorry to hear that dude. He's chillin with Odin now though, and that's pretty awesome.

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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@ShiftyMagician said:

@CaLe said:

@ShiftyMagician said:

@crusader8463 said:

This thread getting stickied instead of locked.

Yea that doesn't make sense to me to be honest. I continue to question the mods convenient justifications and exceptions to video spam. My opinion is that the thread in question should be locked for no discussion or purpose in combination with video spam, period.

Supposedly it's because it's community related? I dunno, I've been around here a while and don't even know the guy who posted it.

It wouldn't surprise me if that is the 'unwritten rule' that they conveniently exercise for certain individuals, though I personally disagree with it if it goes against the rules established and enforced upon everyone else.

then why ban ZODIAC_MF?

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@EGLSzzhang: and what about the sound files?

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@TooWalrus: I see what you did there...

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Need to add an energy drinks section to the wiki...

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@Sary: Never heard of Eboost or Battery, but i live in the midwest now so we get new stuff infrequently if ever. The ONE thing i miss about living in So Cal.....

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I've had damn near every widely available energy drink. Who's Your Daddy (Green Tea Flavor) was really good when i could get it. My favorite so has has probably been Cocaine (the drink, not the drug) as that spicy strawberry burn in the nostrils is pretty awesome. Bawls is pretty tasty too, but weak. Don't like any of the shots.

Currently I've been alternating between Rockstar Cola and AMP Lemonade and that Monster Energy √úbermonster Bio-bullshit as I dont really have the money or patience to order another case of Cocaine.




Who said I have a problem? I DONT HAVE A FUCKING PROBLEM