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I chose Taoism, but the correct answer would technically be Dudeism.

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@Captain_Insano said:

Plagiarism should be punished through pugilism.

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@isnipeyoudie said:

Cool babies, Bombcast, and whiskey on glasses, Videos, livestream, the mobile site for classes. Community content that everyone brings, These are a few of my favorite things!

You win ten internets, sir. enjoy

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No. Go get your own.

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can i exchange legal tender for one of those data disks with the photoshopped deadly premonition cover?

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@gorkamorkaorka: Gorkamorka was an old Games Workshop tabletop game about two bands of space orks fighting to build a giant mech-idol of the ork gods gorka and morka. had a friend with a copy years ago. good times.

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@Aronman789 said:

I don't really have anything to contribute to this thread, but your username is awesome.

This. This times 1000

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Awww man, i thought it was going in this direction:

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I'm not sure haw to feel about the reboot, but if Campbell approves i suppose i have to trust him.

Hail to the chin