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Plagiarism should be punished through pugilism.

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Cool babies, Bombcast, and whiskey on glasses, Videos, livestream, the mobile site for classes. Community content that everyone brings, These are a few of my favorite things!

You win ten internets, sir. enjoy

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No. Go get your own.

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can i exchange legal tender for one of those data disks with the photoshopped deadly premonition cover?

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@gorkamorkaorka: Gorkamorka was an old Games Workshop tabletop game about two bands of space orks fighting to build a giant mech-idol of the ork gods gorka and morka. had a friend with a copy years ago. good times.

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I don't really have anything to contribute to this thread, but your username is awesome.

This. This times 1000

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Awww man, i thought it was going in this direction:

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I'm not sure haw to feel about the reboot, but if Campbell approves i suppose i have to trust him.

Hail to the chin

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Here, some of the best music from Norway. let me know what you think:

I expected that last band to suck (as the only music from Norway that I listen to is either black metal or electronic music), but they were actually pretty good. Like a proto-Gogol Bordello.

Anyway, I'm from America, so I'm not going to bother to try to figure out what the best music from this country is. I'd be here all day.

Kaizers Orchestra fucking OWNS. Glad to see someone posted em on here.

(I'm american, for the record)

I guess I'll post this then.

Yes its not relevant much anymore, but i still like it for what it is.