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@Zelyre: Yea, but there's ALWAYS a new break-your-current-army-and-make-it-obsolete edition around the corner. I can never find anyone to play with, but modeling and painting is fun as shit.

Anyway, Arkham Horror is fun, but teaching people to play is a bitch. Elder Sign is kind of like Arkham Horror Lite and is really fun. Space Hulk is fun but expensive and maintaining it can be a pain. Zombies (and the expansions) is a bit on the simplistic side but can be fun with enough alcohol. If you want to play DnD I suggest tracking down the 3.5 books cuz 4th edition is for babies. Munchkins is actually pretty fun but only for people well versed in games and gaming culture (heh heh).

DONT buy StarCraft: The Board Game.

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@deadmanforking said:

I'm not an asshole, so I don't say it in real life.

I do, so I'm an asshole i guess.



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Sorry In advance about the giant picture

This is Beebee, my Senegal Parrot. He's roughly four and a half years old. Doesn't say many "words" but he likes to chatter, and loves playing with people. Best goddam friend a guy could ask for.

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@CL60: Did you name it Kuato?

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Honestly I wish people would give Giant Bomb a chance to prove themselves. I mean, shit. I trust their opinion on reviews more than any other site. I've loved this shit out of the premium content for a year now, and have seen damn near every archived video. There's a lot of history of quality content, and now I trust them to make the decision they feel is best for the site. They've earned it.

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@Aronman789: I accidentally a whole coke bottle once. that count?

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@AjayRaz: Holy SHIT I need this game. Thanks!

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which TNT? did it get archived?

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I've been visiting this site for over a year and i dont plan on leaving. Gamespot or no gamespot

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Hell man, give it a shot. If it fails, at least you tried (and then recount the horror stories here on GB)