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I've been saying that all I wish the MCC would include (Other than functional multiplayer at launch) was the ODST campaign, so you win this time Microsoft.

This time.

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Mine is Uh Oh Its Byron, anyone want to group up for some multiplayer tonight?

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I would like to get my first GB shirt, can't believe I missed the Gamebomb.ru shirts.

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Sure, I'd do it for both if someone doesn't beat me to it.

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Golden State, I used to play as the Magic but then I wanted to choose a different team to beat him with and while their ratings were garbage that year (Monta Ellis was still there), I could jack up enough threes to beat him. I've been playing as them ever since to the point where when I go to local tournaments, people just call me either "Golden State" or "Curry".

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Hello ladies and gents, trying to help out a friend here but I'll give it a go. Just needs some Xbox 360 games that suddenly pop up with a screen of code intentionally, and throw you to the beginning of the game for a bit.

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Was gonna ask for KOF but it looks like @71ranchero beat me to it, still got Crusader Kings?

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I got mine earlier this week too, just looking for a classy enough frame for it.

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So after that, pretty sure I'm gonna get my poster framed and have it say El Jefe and friends