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What is with all the downers for the vita? I mean, Everyone was all hyped for the 3ds but now the vita is coming and everyone is like "Fuck this thing, its going to die"..... Where is the sony love? This thing is going to be awesome, and if i Get this new job that I hopefully will get before the end of the year, I am picking it up launch. Otherwise it will be a month or so after release but still it will be purchased and loved just as my Original PSP1000 has been loved.

my problems with vita so far:

-AFAIK sony have no plan for those who brought all the UMDs for psp, except pay for it again on PSS

-even if you don't do UMD and buy your games on PSN, there's still bad news: PSS=/=PSN.

which means whatever you brought on PSN, you can't carry over to PSS unless you pay

-that memory card looks exactly like an SD card with some altered shapes, even if it's technically not an SD card, there's still no way to justify charging people $29 for only 4gb of this

1) They have said they're working on the UMD problem, and it seems they're putting more heart into then they did with the PSPGo UMD problem.

2) You're right PSS =/= PSN, but the Vita will use BOTH PSS and PSN. So purchases on the PSN will be playable on the Vita. PSS is the playstation store and SDK for android devices, of which the Vita will also support. I believe PSS is also coming to the PS3 in the future for indie gaming goodness.

3) Fortunately Memory Cards are not required for the PSVita, the games will save to the gamecarts and likewise any DLC downloaded will also go on the game cart.

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Shit! Eating 24 eggs saves dying children? 
I'll get the eggs!

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I'm hoping Sega do the right think and release Shenmue 1 and 2 as part of the PSN, XBL dreamcast releases. 
I'm also hoping Sony make the right move and announce these downloadable dreamcast ports can be played on the PSVita :3

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All he's saying is that he wants to develop for the PS3 without paying for the development kits. Which is his problem, not Sonys.

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It sounds as if not even Activision know what they are offering here...