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Great article. In my opinion Kinect will either live or die on June 9th. Maybe a VR solution is coming. Maybe they will show how the world can turn their Xboxes into Dev Kits and open up Kinect. Or maybe they will really just let it die.

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@dewar said:

Paying for the service and then paying again to rent the game is a bad deal. It's why On-live failed and it doesn't make me hopeful for this service.

Other write-ups made it sound like an either or thing.

Yeah, but you'll still have to pay for the service then pay for the game either/or rent the game. Your basically paying to play the game that you bought/rented, online or single player. Its an always-online system. Its OnLive.

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I am amazed about how many people are upset over no CD/mp3.

If you think about it, the only way to listen to music / custom soundtracks would be to pay $ony money. I think that is why.

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Based on the comments from everyone, it’s clear that Ryan has touched many, many people all over the world—a feat not so easily accomplished, especially by a man who made a living playing video games. He found a niche that worked for him, and he excelled at it. And, as the great guy he seemed to be, he generously shared his thoughts, expertise, sense of humor, and all his crazed idiosyncrasies for all of us to see. Thanks bud, for the great story...and with such a happy ending! My thoughts are for your wife, friends, and family. And if I ever get the chance, I’ll be glad to award you a 1-UP.

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Did I wake up in some alt universe where online play is bad and slow loading discs are good? Did we even see the same show? Sony is competing with WiiU. MS is competing with Steam and Apple. NO JOKE.

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Thanks for this. Clears up some confusion, especially the whole Crytek thing...

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A new Mass Effect? What's the point? The whole world is done. Not interested.

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Since when are things priced at 109?

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Xbox live has "Indie Games." Consoles are not closed to indie developers. I don't respect liars. I will probably not buy this.

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I liked Too Human. I wish they would have just sucked it up and made a better game instead of whining and suing with no actual thought or plan about what they were doing. Now they will be forever in a situation of: awwwwwkward.