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seems fair

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Did anyone ever get past the gap in the final castle stage?

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This game's first level was classic.  I remember re-playing it over and over. And it actually spawned it's own game in the form of Star Wars Rogue Squadron.

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Past: "Wonder Boy in Monster Land" on Sega Master System.  I swear there was a gap in the final castle maze that could not be crossed. I tried and tried. But failed everytime.

Recent: "Enchanted Arms", the Ice Queen at the end would not die.

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If the rumors are true about both a motion control and licensing out the 360 tech to third part hardware manufacturers, then they really need this new update.  The current blade controls are just too clunky for a motion cursor, and way too cluncky for someone who just bought a Samsung Blu-Ray player with Xbox 360 capable features, especially if all they really wanted was a Blu-Ray player.

People should chill and think about the bigger picture sometimes.

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All I remeber is BurgerTime. I loved that game.

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This was a Card Game. No, not like "Ticket to Ride".  I mean this game was originally released on "Card", and it fit into the card slot on the Master System. The screen shot for this game says "Cartridge", so maybe it was re-released later on a cart? 

Anyways, I'm pretty sure Dracula was in this game and clones of him. Evil Dracula Clones. Crazy.