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I can see the acronym now. TESO, I bet...or maybe they'll get lazy and just say ESO. Oh, man the suspense is killing me.

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Why isn't the TV show Dallas mentioned anywhere in this conversation? Because really...who shot JR? Answer: nobody, it never actually happened...

I wonder how the boy felt about his grampa telling him about the time he had an orgy with the naked blue alien lady. "Oh Gramps, you so sexy!!!"

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I can't complete "Repairing the Phial" because I ate the Briar heart (which I had before I got the quest). I wonder if they will fix that.

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I don't need a review to know I want this game.  I will gladly support Greg and all the other guys and gals from SuperGiant Games; the game looks amazing.  My purchasing decision is due to GiantBomb.com and no review required.  Thanks guys.

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 I Got A Bad Feeling About This is really the only one that makes sense and is recognized by everyone.

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Wow! thanks for writing this article.  I've actually never been diagnosed but I have believed for a few years now that I also have Asperger's.  In fact, I forgot what it was called and couldn't think of it the other day, so it's funny that this appeared.  I need to bring this up in my next session.  Thanks.

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hmmm PC version sounds tempting.  I loved this game on Xbox!

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Hell yeah.  play some Halo online.  Finally!

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Contra Collection HD...with Tranfarring support.

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The sea.  Yeah. Pirate Guilds and ships and sea battles. Discovering new lands and shit...