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I enjoyed reading this. Waiting for the next one!

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I would appreciate an invite: 

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How the hell did sean connery get involved in this. Holy fuck...

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Made it to Digg frontpage. :)

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2009: The Milo project is announced and revealed to the world.
2010: Milo becomes self-aware, feels humanity is a threat to its existence, launches preemptive nuclear strikes on a global level.


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This is brilliant. Good job guys!

Can't wait for Steam integration too!

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Games looks good.

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For Jean-Claude Van Damme haters out there, I propose you watch JCVD (no really that the name of the movie).

The storyline is basically real-life Jean-Claude Van Damme is in Belgium basically going back home when he is mixed-up in a bank robbery for which he is blamed.

Its likes Being John Malkovich, although with more drama (being JCVD pas marital problems, acting problem, drug uses, etc.).

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Awesome! Thanks!

I noticed the new design brings out the users/community as well as make things efficient/sustainable/fast for you guys.

The similarities to FB are obvious (and there is nothing bad in that IMO). You could say that the GB is becoming the "Social Networking Wikipedia" of gaming. :)