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#1 Posted by ozhenson (20 posts) -

The update just went live, for anyone that cares. Should be a good'n

#2 Posted by ozhenson (20 posts) -

Ah, alright thanks. Im hoping with this new update Ill get the amount of deaths I need.

It also says I have found 48/47 secrets, so thats weird.

#3 Posted by ozhenson (20 posts) -

Ah, thanks a bunch.

I thought I was only missing 2, looks like its actually 3. Any ideas?

#4 Posted by ozhenson (20 posts) -

...so lets hypothetically say I am not so smart, haha, how would one take a screen shot on a mac?

#5 Posted by ozhenson (20 posts) -

I really cant wait for this. However, Im still missing two items on my colleciton chart. One is the Shears, which havent unlocked for some reason(I think I have 125 deaths), does anyone know what the second item I have yet to unlock could be?

#6 Posted by ozhenson (20 posts) -

As long as ME3 lives up to expectations, bioware is safe in my eyes

#7 Posted by ozhenson (20 posts) -

So the prognosis for me being able to play some Limbo tonight is not good?  If only microsoft could understand the urgency with which I want to play this game.

#8 Posted by ozhenson (20 posts) -

I snagged my copy at a Futureshop in Edmonton. 
Then I noticed several copies at a brand new Gamestop that opened in West Edmonton Mall.  Managed to convince a couple friends to buy them, now they wont stop berating me for my so-called terrible taste in games.
They just dont know beauty when they see it.  Although using the word beauty to describe Deadly Premonition probably isnt the wisest.

#9 Posted by ozhenson (20 posts) -

Can anybody give me a little bit simpler clue for Battle Royale #2 and 4, the two in the first post are going straight over my head.

#10 Posted by ozhenson (20 posts) -

I am also looking for #3 still, absolutely clueless.

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