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@ck1nd, all of those games you mentioned are already on PC, which you clearly have if you are posting right now, which has controller support.

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Wow. I seriously can't believe that the people who supported this don't realize the computer they used to donate is already much more powerful than a phone and could be easily hooked up to your television. This is such a scam it isn't even funny.

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Oh god, thank you. I thought gamestop was making my favorite website aesthetically shit or something. Move along, everyone. Nothing to see here.

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Not digging it all. I liked the the look of giant bomb a lot more without the background being an ugly black to stark white gradient. This isn't permanent.... Right? RIGHT? Thoughts on the new look?

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Did you play the campaign?

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I started playing MW3's campaign today, and after playing through the "Davis Family Vacation" mission, I can confirm that Infinity Ward still has some serious balls. More than most studios. I haven't found anything in other games that came out recently that took me off guard like that. At most they've played well, had a decent story, but nothing that really blows me away. I think more games should quit trying to appeal to every gamer and think outside of the box and do something different. Films, to be considered great, unlike games, typically have to do something different or exciting, where video games just pick a genre (shooter, platformer) and stick to it, and if it runs smoothly and has a story you can follow, they will get an 8 or 9 for being "good for what they set out to be". TL;DR games need to think outside of the box or I'm not interested

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It would definitely be awkward. I say just wear something else.

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Your trolling isn't funny or even slightly rage inducing

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Real men get in here.