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United States(home), St.Thomas, St. John, Aruba, Canada.

Looking to get to Western European countries and Australia/NZ soon

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~*reviews are subjective not objective*~

This, but my 2 cents: I like the game, I don't love it.(I've got a lvl 19 Titan) I generally focus my game playing time to more story-focused games. In all honesty, Destiny's story is sub-par, it barely exists and that's ok. There is just enough there to keep most people interested. Most of the missions are VERY Rinse, Repeat..badly. The biggest complaint I've heard, which I think is very much a problem, is the lack of a real matchmaking and a completely unbalanced multiplayer. I cant access the "best equipment" because its tied to the Crucible. Its not that I'm terrible at it either, Its a shooter and at its core, its the same as every shooter with its basic concept. I actually finished first on my team in my first two games( I played about 15 games last night) and the more I played, the worst "I" started to do. I was in there with lvl 25-28 people and their abilities were just too OP for me. There was NOTHING I could do. THATS A PROBLEM. It not fun to play something when I cant even compete.

Another little problem I have is that, the game does an absolutely terrible job at fully explaining everything.

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I mean I liked Watch Dogs(after the first act) I took me a while to really get into it, but once I did, I couldn't put it down. I've heard Killzone is decent, but its probably more multiplayer focused. Also, Tomb Raider: DE. I played it on PS3 and loved so I can only imagine its just as good on PS4.

As for future releases, AC: Unity, Shadows of Mordor, Far Cry 4.

2015 will be crowded

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95. Played only about 20.........

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Okay so I tried to log on to Steam last night and it gave me a message saying Steam wasnt able to connect and it gave me the option to "go offline". I thought my password was wrong, but it wasnt, as I just connected to Steam on through the browser and it works fine. The client doesn't work for some odd reason(It worked fine on Thursday). I've tried various "solutions" and ultimately uninstalled and re-installed Steam. Now I get this message. Here's the issue. I AM ONLINE!! I've reset my router and I'm even at a friends house, same message.


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It's impossible for me to narrow it to 3.

MKX, The Order, Uncharted, Batman:AK, The Division, No Man's Sky, Far Cry 4, Tomb Raider

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@yummylee: Sorry bro, Nathan is back, like I expected

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I've been looking at getting a new laptop for some time,but outside of gaming, I don't really "need" one. The laptop I have works fine, but is starting to chug because I have over 200 GB of music and games on my laptop(I only have a 250 internal) . Yes I also have an external HDD that I use. Basically the only reason I would get/want a new one is to play the mass collection of Steam games I have. I haven't seen a price or anything like that released so far, but strictly as another "gaming machine" would you think it would be worth it for someone like me?

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My Olde English Bulldog, Winston Churchill because he is more important to me than any human being (other than my wife) in the universe.