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The lack of Venom on that list is offensive. And DOOM shall always be #1 in the hearts of Latverians...

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Want to see reviews but this game has been on my radar for awhile now. I'll probably pick it up day 1 or at the latest before friday if the reviews are favorable.

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I bet MvC2 chars that should have been in from the get go(Venom, Cyclops, Gambit, Mega Man, Cammy) will be DLC 

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Yeah, Freezepop is awesome.

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I just recently got HOPO-cidal Maniac too. I'm sitting at 800+ and I love the game. The songs definitely bring me back. I'll go months without picking up or even checking what came out and then randomly I'll check and see a few packs of songs I always wanted and get sucked right back into RB. It's always nice too to pick up random songs on a whim and them being among your favorite. And don't get me started on the addition of RBN. 
Some of my pleasant surprises: 
"The Great Plains" - Scale the Summitt (RBN) 
"Complexity of Light" - Children of Nova (RBN) 
"Dreaming of Love" - Lights Resolve (my absolute favorite free download ever on XBL) 
"Blue Sky" - Allman Brothers Band (probably my favorite guitar solo to play)    
And to add on to some more fun songs on all instruments. I always thought the No Doubt was fun to play on anything.
The crazy thing is I never even listened to rock music before. I only got the original Rock Band because I wanted to mess around on the drums. And here I am almost 4 years later and it is one of my favorite franchises. It's introduced me to so much great music and its nice to see it still is appreciated.

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Yeah I only recovered on my xbox because it was saying my profile wasn't an active xbox live or something along those lines. So I recovered and screwed myself over

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Yeah, I don't have internet at my house. I got those achievement all this past month offline at my house. I recovered my account at a friend's earlier this week and it basically loaded up from the last time I got online which was a month ago at that friend's house updating games. I am here at his house now and recovered my account on my box and noticed I was short 2.5k. I sort of expected I would be out of luck but I just wanted confirmation

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I lost like: 
800+ in Darksiders  
500+ in Lego :RB
300+ in Child of Eden 
200+ in RE 5  
150+ in BC: Rearmed 
150+ in Limbo  
100+ in MK 
100 + in RB 3
 I still have my save data but I'm just not sure what I can redo without starting over. Thanks though.

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NBA Street Homecourt  
Rock Band 2 
Assassin's Creed II
Afro Samurai 
LA Noire (no DLC)
Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY 
Pac-Man CE DX 
Harm's Way 
Dorito's Crash Course 
Zombie Apocalypse 
Heavy Weapon 
Banjo Kazooie 
Banjo Tooie 
Small Arms

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Basically I lost 2.5k of achievement points because I recovered my account at a friends. Is the only way to regain the points to redo or is there another way?