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I tend to hold it in for hours on end when I play....no need for a washroom ;)

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One of them need to go bald =]

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My fav from my kiddy years "Mitsubachi Māya no Bōken" i grew up on this but i'm kinda ashamed now =]

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Only had couple of them with the car getting stuck on some of the thing and not wanting to go front or back...or me falling into a crack and then i had to kill myself =] not rly glitches but they take away from fun

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Fuel my fireeee =] i love the new game mode just can't wait to play this with my friends...if u don't want a new L4D then just don't buy it and stop bitching for Christ's sake just stfu

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Forza 3 looks awesome and the environments look stunning...GT5 is not even ingame what is Poly thinking they're doing a commercial for Ferrari or something =[

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Got mine 4years ago and it's still running strong...just took care of it and i never had problems

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This looks like something i would only enjoy with my friends, but why the hell you have to shoot the guy like 50x in the head bothers me...

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