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Thats a pretty ehhh showing from MS.

Any other year it would have been above average but nothing special biut for your big console reveal? Bummer.

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Are they not showing COD?

Good for them if so.

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Finally a EA release that I am satisfied with

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@AssInAss said:

Would make a interesting topic for the next bombcast.
Wouldn't mind hearing Jeff's 2 cents on this.
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Wainwright is a giantbomber http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/atheistium/  
she even blogged about her job at square which she is now saying never happened.... lol 
Check it before she delete / edits it.    Just dont be internet jackasses.   
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Hope Rob gets a better job with all the attention he is getting. 
Hopefully he can continue writing for a non UK site because they are all trash as far as I can tell.   Maybe Polygon can help him out.  
And LOL at Lauren now trying to edit her tracks.    For a person who is trying to make a living writing on the web she doesnt seem to know how it works.

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And they are adding the option to have one full install at the start instead of 5 through out the game! 
 I still cant get over they are doing this.... its been 4 YEARS. 
MGS4 never actually receved any patches AFAIK as well.  Well unless we count MGO lets just pretend that doesn't exist.   
I wonder with them going back and touching MGS4 again will we see a proper MGS4 Sub___ for ps3/  vita/  360 /wii u  /  toaster oven.
Maybe along with the trophy patch then can release some kind of VR mission and challenge map DLC that would be on the disc of a MGS4 sub__ disc.   

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Ubi just showed that great games and megatons make a e3 show great even if the hosts are jacked up on redbull and cocaine and wont shut up. 
That co host guy like Patrick x5 on the "WHY THE HELL WONT YOU SHUT UP" o meter