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Hope Rob gets a better job with all the attention he is getting. 
Hopefully he can continue writing for a non UK site because they are all trash as far as I can tell.   Maybe Polygon can help him out.  
And LOL at Lauren now trying to edit her tracks.    For a person who is trying to make a living writing on the web she doesnt seem to know how it works.

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And they are adding the option to have one full install at the start instead of 5 through out the game! 
 I still cant get over they are doing this.... its been 4 YEARS. 
MGS4 never actually receved any patches AFAIK as well.  Well unless we count MGO lets just pretend that doesn't exist.   
I wonder with them going back and touching MGS4 again will we see a proper MGS4 Sub___ for ps3/  vita/  360 /wii u  /  toaster oven.
Maybe along with the trophy patch then can release some kind of VR mission and challenge map DLC that would be on the disc of a MGS4 sub__ disc.   

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Ubi just showed that great games and megatons make a e3 show great even if the hosts are jacked up on redbull and cocaine and wont shut up. 
That co host guy like Patrick x5 on the "WHY THE HELL WONT YOU SHUT UP" o meter

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Usher is better with Kinect for xbox 360.  

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USHER'ing a new world of entertainment. 
get it. 
because Usher was there.... 

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I think sony has enough characters old and new for a game like this to work.

Plenty of characters from current games like Uncharted and God of war and so on can be in it but Bring back random people Gabe from Syphon filter. The Medievil guy......Buzz.

Get a Nissan Skyline in there somehow to represent Gran Turismo.

Guest characters all seem like of obvious. Snake, Crash, Spyro, someone from Final Fantasy and so on... But I am sure due to licencing stuff we wont see a lot of those. Maybe they will be DLC.

I just really hope it has a stupid story to explain why this is happening... Like Ken Kutaragi is the final boss or something.

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Video is pretty cool.

hearing that ND used the ps1 chip in the ps2 was interesting. it was probably a bitch to port these games.

Any idea what the heck Jason Rubin has been doing with himself lately? After his legendary Dice speech about publishers not giving people credit he ironically vanished from the spot light.

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it says a lot about the guy and the game that he quit the company before shipping it.

I hope where ever he goes they dont allow him to make this kind of mistake again. 6 years + to ship a game is dumb and should have never happened with a well managed team with a clear vision on the game.

I hope team Ico can continue after he leaves for good. There is a lot of talent in that group. Music, art design, etc. I would hate if they got stuck making Loco Roco or whatever SCEJ makes.

Hopefully someone steps up to takes Ueda's place.

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so where is the funny news story on GB about this?

Alex doesn't mind snarking it up for every other news story and here is something that is actually kind of funny to the GB community for once and we get nothing.