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found 2 gameplay videos from the opening of the game if people want to compare game play

also early game SPOILERS for those who care.   


other then the normal crushed blacks on the 360 and the lighter tone on ps3 there isnt much you can tell.

To me it looks like maybe the ps3 version has better SSAO (look at the corners of boxes and where walls meet the ground) but its hard to tell since the ps3 video is a pretty compressed and was probably recorded from a stream where as 360 video was probably recored from the console.

Still its better then comparing Promo videos to the finished game.  

game looks great on both platforms.
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I hope  Sessler is getting paid a shit tone of money to work there.   

Dude deserves better.    

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blah blah blah,  No one cares about sony addressing PSN anymore.  There is a bigger problem on the horizon and I think I speak to all of us when I ask what precautions Giantbomb are putting in place to protect its users from the threat of Leigh Alexander this year?

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Thats great.

Now my Shep can Bone all the squad members.   

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you know the more I think about it the more "winning e3" is a dumb idea and I kind of sigh inside every time Geoff says "but what does (game company X) have to do to win e3?".

Nintendo had some pretty shitty e3's when the Wii was the most successful.

MS's e3 last year was god awful and the 360 has had its best year ever over the last 12 months. 

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had some trouble logging in earlier but all if fine now.

Probably just server overload.    

also if people are still wondering once you link your steam account to your psn account all the steam achievements you got before syncing show up on your steam profile once you sync.

the whole steam integration and unlocking the pc copy of portal 2 was super easy to get going.     

Valve,  showing others how its done since the mid 90s.  

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So a crappy compressed pic from a live stream of the 360 version Vs a crappy compressed from a old promo video of the ps3 version that was probably from a build made late last year???   

call me crazy but I dont think this is the best comparison in the world.     At least wait until someone compares Retail 360 vs Retail PS3.   

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did anyone else look at the photo frame in the background to see if it was a framed pic of Jack Tretton?   

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Also Representative Corporate Executive Officer,  Executive Duty President is one heck of a long job title.   

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Sure PSN will be back up soon but its been 6 years since E3 2005 and Ridge Racer still isnt available as a ps1 classic on PSN.

get your priorities in check kaz.