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so..... PSN TNT this week?    

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Dave,  PSN's still down.   

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just saw th3 3ngland t3as3r trail3r.

not since F3AR have I been so put of a game just from its marketing.  

also no IW logo in the trailer ether.    
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so over the last week the PSN has gone from being tested by first party studios,  to select 3rd parties and now its available to all devs but its still not ready.   they are at least making progress

If only we got these updates from Sony it would make them look like there doing something.  Instead we find this useful info from posts on Gaf and developers on twitter.    What are they paying there PR people for?  we have only got 1 update this week and that was just a "shits still broken" update with no mention of the progress they are clearly making.    

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oh wow.  Railworks has steam achievements.   thats awesome.

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sometimes I accidentally click on a AV story when I am looking at the bottom of a page.

thats my entire contact with that site.   
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@csoup:  they eventually patched in a tutorial and training mode like a year or two after release.     I think it was one of the first things Light Box did after they took over control of the game.   

And I'm a BIG fan of warhawk.  

it is probably tied with COD4 as my most played multiplayer game this gen.  

cant wait for this but those screens look a bit generic.   I'm cure some gameplay videos will change my mind.

And I like the name Starhawk.     it sounds like a mid 80s cartoon show that would have a awesome guitar solo for intro music.    
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While I like the idea of more news on GB can we please not have sales talk.

it just leads to fanboy BS and arm chair analysts predicting doom and gloom.     

Nothing good will come of this.    

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I guess first party devs have access to it.

good sign.    Maybe it will be back early next week.  

also the guys on neogaf are saying the Dev network is back for all.     

I think we are nearing the end.    finally......... FINALLY i will be able to play portal 2 on PC.   

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well he probably has a few billion in the bank alraedy.  
When your already super duper rich I can see why someone would do this in order to make them self feel good.

Would be nice if he donated whatever he should be paid to charity or something but I guess that would just be copying Bill Gates which is a big no no.