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Its part of the cerberus network thing so you need to use the code that comes in the box to download it from the PSN store.

I guess you wont be able to get it until the store is back

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its been what?  about 3 weeks since Patrick joined and I have read more news stories on GB then I have in the last few years.

He is great on the bombcast as well since he actually seems to know his shit.   He is perfect contrast to Jeff and Ryan who only seem knowledgeable about things they like and dont really give a shit about anything else.   If they could just drag him in for the news section each week that would be cool.    

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some real games for kinect and extra kinect features in up coming games.   Maybe the Halo CE remake uses it for something silly.

Little to no playstation move.      Maybe its shoe horned into more Sony developed shooters.

Real MGS rising gameplay.   what they shown last year was more of a tech demo.   "dudes look at our awesome watermelon tech"

Kaz comes out at the very start sony Presser and addresses the PSN shit storm,  just a short statement apologizing and thanking fans for there patience.   then Jack T comes out and its never mentioned again.    Maybe some from destrucdoid tries to heckle them about it during the show.  (god I hope PSN is back up by then... I wouldnt want to be hosting that show if it wasnt)

360 timed exclusive DLC for something.   the new Elder Scrolls and one other game.   

Rockstar announce GTA5.   coming to ps3/360 and whatever Nintendo's new thing is.    

Valve announce a updated Team Fortress 2 exclusively for XBLA with steamworks and PC cross platform play.    After talking it out MS will allow Steamworks on 360 but wont allow ps3 vs 360 play so there will be PSN version of the game.   

if valve think episode 3 will be out this holiday it will be there.   if no it wont.   I dont think they want to Valve time it once they officially unvale it so they will only announce it when they are super sure they can have it out when they say.

FInal Fantasy vs XIII on 360.   I think its inevitable.   I expected it to be announced at every major MS event over the last 3 years.

NGP looks fucking rad but the debate of "but i would rather play this on a console" continues.  

Also since Sony are working with google on some PS suite stuff maybe they will announce a partnership to bring some google features like Google Voice and better youtube stuff to ps3.   People have been rumoring a partnership between google and sony for a while now and with MS buying skype I think it would be the right time to announce it and bring some of googles chat stuff into the living room.

ps3 & 360 price drop.     $50 on both 360 SKU's and a newer slimmer Kinect camera. atleast $50 on ps3 and maybe a new $200 model if they can somehow make a ps3 with a few gigs of flash memory instead of a HDD.

that Allan wake game that isnt a sequel is something for Kinect.   its not a PC version :(     

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hey cool people actually posted in this thread.  

@Delusibeta said:

" I've got a source here quoting Sony's big cheeses that disagrees. "

Well clearly the network had a vulnerability but I was talking about stories of how the network was completely unprotected and had no firewalls kotaku and Cnet where reporting.
We dont know the extend of that vulnerability ether so it could have been some complex shit as far as we know.    We dont know if a fix was in the works for it and they just didnt get it out in time.   all we know is someone,  somewhere knew there was a hole but that doesnt really matter now.

I'm starting to think PSN had a similar level of security to the ps3.   it did have security but Sony was not prepared for a hack to happen.

The best security for big web services like PSN,  XBL,  netflix,  amazon and so on should not just be trying to prevent a hack but it should also be about having protection in place so WHEN a hack does happen you can easily detect it,  stop it and patch it without end users even knowing.      

I hope thats what sony is doing now because there is no point in just building a security wall that will eventually get hacked.    Prepare for a hack to happen and have fail safes in place.   
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Good to know that they are having some in fighting.

Anonymous's backtracking and putting up smoke screen after smoke screen since this PSN attack went bad has been super interesting to watch.

Never expected the group or at least the ones who release those "official" press releases and stupid youtube videos to try so hard to defend Anons image and justify there motives.   

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@BeachThunder said:
" What would Gordon say about all of this!? "
best post I have read in quite a while.

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I dont think sony will be posting a giant list of how they are upgrading there security or giving us up to the minute info on how far along they are for obvious security reasons.   

I Just want PSN back up.    

Doesn't really matter what free shit they give away since there will always be entitled pricks who always want more.   I was happy with a month of plus.   
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dont know.  kind of burnt out on halo but I hope the game will be more then a HD reskin because halo 1 kind of sucked.   

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I find this PR offensive Anonymous are doing so weird.

this whole PSN attack kind of didnt work out as planned for them,

Hey lets attacks PSN... gamers bitch about not being able to play COD.... ok lets stop the attack this isnt working.

Oh shit someone stole PSN user data around the time we attacked PSN... better release a statement  saying we didn't  do it.

Oh fuck someone left a file on Sony's Servers basically saying we did it... better release a Statement  saying we REALLY didn't  do it.

Now they are just playing damage control because maybe one of there followers crossed a line and there just coming across like assholes.

Maybe they will do something useful and catch who ever caused this mess  instead of just trying to blame someone else.     

hell I think Anon have released about as many pointless statements as sony during this mess.    


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@Afroman269 said:
" It's up. I'm surprised no one talked about the shitstorm Sony is having with PSN. "
This BR was recorded before all that happened.   

Plus I dont think it will affect e3 much other then some shitty jokes at the MS show.    

Ok part.   I dont really see sony having another big third party bombshell like valve this year.   Bungie already said they wont be there and Epic are piratically a first party MS studio at this point and they kind of suck at ps3 development anyway .... Maybe Agent finally rears its head.  (lol) or GTA5 exclusive content.    maybe we can relive the FF14 announcement with something like  FINAL FANTASY 15 YAY..................... for NGP......booooooo   

I expect the NGP to be most of sonys show.   alot of big console devs porting there next game to it with a few extra features for the platform.