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they should use the money to fire new Brad and hire someone decent to write news stories.  I dont know about anyone else but I have rarely read posts made in the news section on GB since he started doing 99% of the news stories.     

I havent gone near the GB forums in years so I sure hope there isnt some Nicholson cult following on here




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 I hear they have some BIG spiders down in australia
"We must remember that the man who promised that was very drunk and rather carried away. "

so he will fit right in with the rest of the people in australia
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makes sence. 
Hope if give the numbers a boost
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only 5000 people subbing after 2 days isnt good for a site that gets as much traffic as GB + all the other whiskey sites.   unless not having paypal up and running is THAT big a deal.
hope we get more ads soon because this whole situation holding the bombcast ransom has got me worried for W.M's Future.  
plus the idea of "less but better ads" sounds like it came out of some stoned college hippy.......
(and yes I know I havent got a Sub yet... I will sign up some time this week) 

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ill sign up for a month every now and again if I have money left over on a pre paid creidt card.   I want to help GB around if tossing them 5 bucks every few months will do that then I will. 
I wont go yearly because I dont have that kind of money to blow on funny internet videos,  Im not that big of a GB community user.  dont have the monthly bandwith for alot of HD videos and dont give a rats arse about a Mobile site.     
that being said I would buy a luchadeer tshirt for $20 if someone wuld just sell me one. 
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they gotta make money somehow kiddys. 
clearly the dream of ads that intrest and engage the community doesnt quite do the trick. 
I dont see a problem with these ads.   WM has to make money and they have been up for about 3 years now with little to no money coming in.   thats got to create a large debt.  
sucks that the dream of a new way to have ads on a website doesnt work but meh I for one am happy they seem to FINALLY have some money coming in and they can start paying off the the debt they have made over the last few years.    
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still playing it after a more then a month which is more then I can say for GTA4

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some people like Kojimas style of story telling and some people dont.

some people like space marines and some people dont,

Is the Cutscene to long or do you have a shot attention span?


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also they NEED Luchadeer on camera

I just dont think having a deers head "appear" on a audio podcast would have the same effect

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they could just continue what they are doing with "how to build a bomb" and just talk alot of random stuff plus now it could have news on site updates and stuff.

All it needs is a name change since the bomb is built and is lovely 

But the main question for them would be what could they do on video that couldnt be dont just on the bombcast?