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@Sin4profit: I got the game to work as well. Like the one article that patrick posted about rolling back drivers. I was playing battlefield 3 open beta and by rolling back to the official AMD drivers release not the battlefield drivers, then installing the rage driver fixes worked for me. Still had screen taring and texture pop like a mofo. But got through the first mission, but when I went back to the wasteland it froze. So my guess is save often or lose you progress.

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I currently have a Phenom II X4 965 and have a Radeon 6950. I also have the newest beta drivers for rage and the game freezes right after I leave the pod. Any ideas on fixes? Plus I am getting a lot of texture pop whenever I look around.

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I just recently beat Knoxx DLC and Claptrap Revolution. Is it better to go to farm the boxes in revolution or Knoxxs armory during 'Super Marcus Spree'? Any help would be great thanks.

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Talkradar at

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Those guys at Irrational Games make some hell of a game. I will be preordering this soon. 

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Is it holiday 2011 yet?

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Well it was a multitude of things that made it worth the yearly subscription. I think that the shenanigans around the office, the no ads and the hd video seems to be worth the price. Plus I don't want my laptop stolen by babs. Also who would want their ass kicked. I would rather be helping pay to stock up the bar so Jeff can drink more tequila.

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I am hopping that Johnny V makes another appearance.

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Looks interesting.

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I am thinking it would have to be something from the West Coast. A song from either BIG, Dre, Tupac, or someone else. So what do you all think it would be?  
I also asked this question to the bombcast to see what they think it would be.