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Everytime I think about buying this game, I am thinking in the back of my head: "Well it seems a lot like the first one, and I wasn't too much of a fan of the first modern warfare."

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Man I will be so broke by the end of January. Too bad video games aren't nutritious.

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I love Bioware games, but Dragon Age doesn't interest me as much as Assassin's Creed does.

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I want to play this very badly. I have play Shadow of the Colossus but I have never played ICO. I have never played it for the reason I can not rent it anywhere and it is insanely expensive. I hope Sony will re-release it with shadow on the ps3.

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I can not wait!

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@AnimZero: Sorry to hear that man. 
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How many people actually have a router capable of doing Wireless-N? I know i have a draft-n. Also the price of those routers are around $100, unless the price goes down. So are you gonna pay $200 just to update to a faster system? I myself am wired for my xbox, so I have no worry of either way.

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I understand and agree. Bud Light Lime does suck, but it is still a funny commercial.

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