2014 Game Completed Comics, #22 – Don’t Drink the Pink

I'm not 100% certain whether Don't Drink the Pink was influenced by that infamous intoxication sequence from 1941′s Dumbo, wherein Dumbo and Timothy accidentally drink from a bucket filled with champagne and then begin seeing dancing, singing pink elephants...but it seems likely. Hence, this comic:

It's a quick, free little adventure game that does some neat things with its plot. Plus, it's set in a world where there's an alcoholic drink called Pink. Can't beat that.

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2014 Game Completed Comics, #21 – Thomas Was Alone

What's kind of funny is that I beat Thomas Was Alone only a week or so on Steam before it was announced that I'd be getting a copy of it from PlayStation Plus this month. Oh well. Maybe I'll play through it again a second time someday. It's a very relaxed puzzle platformer, with fantastic music, engaging narration, and a sense of true cooperativeness between Thomas and the other colored cubes. If you haven't played it yet, you're missing out...

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2014 Game Completed Comics, #20 – Spelunky

First, the comic:

Yup, due to all the great daily coverage on Giant Bomb, I got into Spelunky, and after many, many deaths...I beat Olmec. Since then, I've died over a total of 300 times and have made it to Yama twice, with no such luck. I will continue to press onwards, and the Daily Challenges on the PS3 help keep me coming back for more, but I suspect once I do finally put Yama to rest, I'll put Spelunky aside for some time. I'm no speed-runner.

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2014 Game Completed Comics, #19 – Ben There, Dan That!

I have a huge backlog of adventure games to get to, certainly enough to pad out this year at least. I tackled Ben There, Dan That! recently, and it's a fun throwback to older LucusArts classics. Expect a lot of silly dialogue tree options and obscure puzzles, but the story of aliens trying to brainwash civilization via a match-three puzzle game is both cute and sadly still pretty relevant these days. I won't lie; I had to look up the solutions to at least three puzzles, but otherwise this is pretty straightforward stuff, a couple of hours long. Oh, and I do believe I have the sequel waiting in the wings.

But here's the comic...


2014 Game Completed Comics, #18 – Scaling the Sky

First, a new comic about Scaling the Sky:

Second, give this endearing little indie game a try right now, for free. Click this link: http://www.scaling-the-sky.com. It's not a very long experience, but I found it relaxing and fun, with interesting cloud-jumping mechanics.

Third, umm...clouds are always fun to draw. For me, the process involves actually inking the clouds on paper and then erasing the ink lines in Photoshop to create the look above.

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2014 Game Completed Comics, #17 – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

You'd think that getting snowed in for five days straight would've helped me produce more of these gaming comics--especially when you consider that I'm six behind already--but no, it didn't help. Not a single lick. Instead, I spent the majority of my time shoveling snow and stressing over getting my car unstuck and back on the road. Grrr. Currently, a lot of the snow is melting, which is providing me with just enough mental energy to get back to drawing. Here's the comic I did for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which I got to play for "free" through PlayStation Plus...

And yeah, some of that gibberish is actual phrases taken from The Sims. Regardless, I enjoyed Brothers despite finding myself still running into issues with the control scheme, especially at the part where the two boys are bound together with rope. It didn't wow me with its narrative due to having it spoiled from the Game of the Year podcasts, but it also didn't disappoint. An enjoyable three hours or so in the end.


2014 Game Completed Comics, #16 – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

What a strange game. Also: what a fun game. A great mix of stealth and action, of action-packed seriousness and fourth wall-breaking, and that final weapon you get makes taking down Blood Dragons ridiculously easy. I already 100% it on PS3, and my only complaint is that the main storyline missions are pretty boring and it all ends quickly. Oh well.

Not excited one lick about Far Cry 4, but I can't wait to see what kooky spinoff it produces down the line.


Matt Rorie the Puppy

Let's take a wee break from the games completed comics for something much more random, which popped into my head while watching the most recent Puppy Chat videos:

It's Matt Rorie! As part dog!

I really don't know. Hope y'all can sleep after this...


2014 Game Completed Comics, #15 – Winnose

I haven't really watched a lot of Adult Swim over the past few years--I was a Home Movies era fan--but that doesn't mean that channel has disappeared into nothingness. I'm just one man. In fact, they've been making some killer videogames lately, especially Winnose, a surreal puzzle game where, at one point, a chicken sings you a song. It looks a little something like this:

But yeah, music plays equally as big of a part in Winnose as the puzzles do. I urge everyone to at least make it to the final boss because you won't know what hit you the moment it all starts. You control half of yourself due to the event known as the Winnowing, trying to make yourself whole by reaching the exit section of each screen until you find your other half. You'll have to use switches, some visual tricks, and avoid enemies to get there, and it's only challenging in a few spots, but never to the point of frustrating. The game is played entirely with the arrow keys.

Feel free to check it out for yourselves here: http://games.adultswim.com/winnose-puzzle-online-game.html

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2014 Game Completed Comics, #14 – Broken Age (Act 1)

Y'know, that Tim Schafer guy is kind of obsessed with death, based on his newest videogame project:

Just kidding. Broken Age is actually pretty light-hearted, despite all the plot points revolving around death and self-sacrifice. The puzzles for the first act are pretty perfunctory, but still felt very rewarding to solve. I was more interested in the dialogue and exploring the world(s). For those curious, I played Vella's story all the way through, and then did Shay's, and I kind of wish I had done the opposite. Really looking forward to the second installment, whenever that comes about.

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