Participating in Extra Life for the very first time

Hi, everyone! It's me, Paul Abbamondi, the duder that sometimes draws things and posts them here at Giant Bomb! I made a big decision recently, and that is to participate in Extra Life this upcoming Saturday, October 25. Over the years I’ve watched others put in the time and raise money for children in need, and now, nervous as I am, I’m gonna do it too. First, some important links to click on:

My donations page:

My Twitch page, where hopefully you’ll be able to watch me stream:

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, here’s what I’m thinking. My goal is set at $100 (and we’re already halfway there!), but of course I’d love to raise a whole lot more for PennState Hershey’s Children’s Hospital. I plan to make a big dent in my Steam catalog, though I have to be careful in what I play as my laptop can’t really handle anything too strenuous and stream at the same time, thus the above list of indie/older titles. If I somehow run out of things to play there, I can always hit up the consoles or handhelds (I’ll most likely be getting Fantasy Life the day before), though I can’t really stream from them.

Tentatively, I’ll start streaming at 9:00 AM Saturday and won’t stop playing vidya gamez until 9:00 AM Sunday. I will be maintaining a “live” blog post over at my blog Grinding Down, updating it hopefully once an hour or so, though these’ll be short, quick updates. Truthfully, I’m excited about finally finding the time to eat up some Deus Ex: GOTY more than anything. I am already part of Team Giant Bomb, and I appreciate any support you can offer me–this is my first time doing anything like this, and I’ll be running at it solo (well, my cats will be around), so please, give me strength. And donations, too. FOR THE KIDS.


The Face(s) of Giant Bomb

While I continue to slowly tick off more comics about the videogames I'm beating in 2014 (see my last few blog posts here, duders), I find my mind and drawing arm wandering from time to time, so here's a bunch of faces from Giant Bomb.

Apologies to newbie Jason as I haven't seen you on much content yet so don't really know what you look like! Also, no offense to the Lang Zone, I find you very amusing! I like writing those last two sentences as if both Jason and Dave are here, reading this.

Non-Giant Bombers not included, but probably should be: Brad Muir, Danny O


Wallace, Isaac, and Solid Snake get into comics

Well, I'm back. With what, you probably don't ask out loud? MORE COMICS. Yes, my "Games I've Completed in 2014" list continues to grow and grow--I'm now sitting at 46 games polished off and knocked aside, and we're just entering the month of July, meaning the year is only halfway done. Who here thinks I can cross the 100 mark before that big, sparkling ball in New York City slowly descends? Thanks, glad to have your support.

Heck, even if I do magically end up beating more than 100 games this year, I'll still be far behind in catching up with these comics I'm doing for each one. You can blame my day job, the stress of life, and the summer heat, which makes my arms stick to my drawing paper in unpleasant ways. But enough about that, let's get to the goods.

First up is a comic for the second episode in Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures from Telltale Games, which had Gromit playing detective to solve a shadowy beating and Wallace trying to make all the unhappy guests overjoyed with their time in his refurbished basement-turned resort:

This next comic will really show you just how far behind I am on this deceptive simple project of mine. I actually ended up beating Mom in The Binding of Isaac on the same day that Patrick ended his daily feature for the game. Sure, sure, he beat Mom a bunch of times and even took down the Devil, but for me, beating Mom was my Big Goal, and so I was happy to see it happen, even if I felt overpowered by getting the laser tears and wings early on. Anyways, comic time:

For the final comic, I need a bit of setup. So, last year, I purchased that big ol' Konami collection of Metal Gear games for the PlayStation 3. Alas, I never even got to put it in the console's disc tray last year, and so this year, I made the decision to play through all the games in the series in order of release. My previous history with the franchise was just MGS, MGS 2, and MGS 3, so I was very excited to see how that first two NES titles went--you can read my final thoughts on Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake by clicking the links tied to their names. Anyways, at this stage, I'm still working away at VR Missions, trying to at least get about 75% complete before I move on to the PlayStation 2-era titles.

This is not a funny comic, but I liked making the tile patterns nonetheless:

All right, that's all for now. I'll be back sooner than later as I am working on some Giant Bomb-themed art that I want to share with y'all. Until then, let's keep finishing games in our backlog!


Another three comics, another three videogames beat

I'm taking the sage advice from @zombiepie and lumping more comics into a single post instead of just posting them one at a time. The only disadvantage is that all two of you out there foaming at the mouth for more of my delicious stabs of art must wait a little longer for me to collect enough to post. Right now, that magic number is seemingly three.

Anyways, up first is the second episode "A House Divided" from Telltale Games' follow-up season for The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, I beat the first episode just at the end of 2013, so there's no comic for where it all started. Though I think this comic kind of sums up the entire game series in general:

Then I also decided to finally pay some attention to that long and growing list known as my Steam library and dove into the Wallace & Gromit adventure games. The first one is about out-of-control bees, but I can't stop doing that Wallace-ism where he shakes his hands and goes, "Cheeeeeese!" It's real cute. I also played the other three episodes so stay tuned for comics on those as well.

Lastly, because it was quietly nibbling away in the back of my brain, I went back and finished up A World of Keflings. Which basically meant turning the game on, making sure every Kefling had a job and was adding to the resource inventory, putting the controller down, and making/eating dinner. When I came back, I had plenty of stuff to build the rest of the blueprints and help...uh...I don't remember the story. I do remember doing this a lot:

As always, if you looked at my comics, I appreciate you taking that time! You rock, duder. If you're curious what ones are coming up next, I keep this list updated as much as possible.


Three comics about three completed videogames

So, for those in the know that follow me here, I've been drawing a little comic for every videogame I beat in 2014, and...well, I'm a bit behind. My bad. I'm working on catching up, I swears it, as well as learning how to use a new program to ink and color my comics. Yes, I still pencil them out on paper like an old-schooler, but Manga Studio does make the inking process quite easy. Plus, if you mess up, you can erase or simply click undo. Anyways, instead of making three separate posts, I'll just include the three most recent comics here for y'all to enjoy.

First up is Pokemon Y, which I finished several months ago and haven't really gone back to since seeing what the Safari Friend Forest place was all about. Spoiler: catching more Pokemon. Anyways, it helps if you know that Garbodor is my favorite Pokemon:

Next we have Beyond Good & Evil HD. I first played and beat the game back on the PlayStation 2--still have my copy, too--and purchased the HD remake as soon as it dropped, but only played for a wee bit, enough to see how everything looked and played versus my memories. I recently went back to it and breezed through the remainder of the game in a single night. It's still great, though its best element is illustrated below:

Lastly, well for this blog post at least, we have another remake...Tomb Raider! Yup, Lara Croft's quest to be beaten. berated, and battered, as well as murder hundreds of men. I actually had a lot of fun with it so long as I didn't take it too seriously, which is kind of what the developers wanted, but it was hard to care about Lara's tears over gutting a deer for dinner when, a moment later, she'd go on a killing spree and unlock some concept art found via the main menu. Here's what I drew:

Thanks for taking a look, duders. I'll probably get to drawing some more from my list this weekend. I just have to draw faster and complete fewer games to be totally caught up. Real easy, right?


2014 Game Completed Comics, #23 – Tainted Olive, Chapter One “Shadow of a Choice”

I didn't try very hard with comic, but then again, the game itself was nothing astounding, so I didn't find a ton of inspiration there. You can play this dialogue-heavy first chapter of several for free on a number of Internet websites, like Armor Games. Anyways, here it is:

Not sure I'll ever return for Chapter Two, whenever it comes out. I should hopefully have some more comics up soon as I'm finally catching up on my backlog of beat games for 2014.

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2014 Game Completed Comics, #22 – Don’t Drink the Pink

I'm not 100% certain whether Don't Drink the Pink was influenced by that infamous intoxication sequence from 1941′s Dumbo, wherein Dumbo and Timothy accidentally drink from a bucket filled with champagne and then begin seeing dancing, singing pink elephants...but it seems likely. Hence, this comic:

It's a quick, free little adventure game that does some neat things with its plot. Plus, it's set in a world where there's an alcoholic drink called Pink. Can't beat that.

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2014 Game Completed Comics, #21 – Thomas Was Alone

What's kind of funny is that I beat Thomas Was Alone only a week or so on Steam before it was announced that I'd be getting a copy of it from PlayStation Plus this month. Oh well. Maybe I'll play through it again a second time someday. It's a very relaxed puzzle platformer, with fantastic music, engaging narration, and a sense of true cooperativeness between Thomas and the other colored cubes. If you haven't played it yet, you're missing out...

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2014 Game Completed Comics, #20 – Spelunky

First, the comic:

Yup, due to all the great daily coverage on Giant Bomb, I got into Spelunky, and after many, many deaths...I beat Olmec. Since then, I've died over a total of 300 times and have made it to Yama twice, with no such luck. I will continue to press onwards, and the Daily Challenges on the PS3 help keep me coming back for more, but I suspect once I do finally put Yama to rest, I'll put Spelunky aside for some time. I'm no speed-runner.

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