Another three comics, another three videogames beat

I'm taking the sage advice from @zombiepie and lumping more comics into a single post instead of just posting them one at a time. The only disadvantage is that all two of you out there foaming at the mouth for more of my delicious stabs of art must wait a little longer for me to collect enough to post. Right now, that magic number is seemingly three.

Anyways, up first is the second episode "A House Divided" from Telltale Games' follow-up season for The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, I beat the first episode just at the end of 2013, so there's no comic for where it all started. Though I think this comic kind of sums up the entire game series in general:

Then I also decided to finally pay some attention to that long and growing list known as my Steam library and dove into the Wallace & Gromit adventure games. The first one is about out-of-control bees, but I can't stop doing that Wallace-ism where he shakes his hands and goes, "Cheeeeeese!" It's real cute. I also played the other three episodes so stay tuned for comics on those as well.

Lastly, because it was quietly nibbling away in the back of my brain, I went back and finished up A World of Keflings. Which basically meant turning the game on, making sure every Kefling had a job and was adding to the resource inventory, putting the controller down, and making/eating dinner. When I came back, I had plenty of stuff to build the rest of the blueprints and help...uh...I don't remember the story. I do remember doing this a lot:

As always, if you looked at my comics, I appreciate you taking that time! You rock, duder. If you're curious what ones are coming up next, I keep this list updated as much as possible.

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Posted by Slag

More zombies, more choices, more feels!

Should have been the marketing tagline for the TWD game.

Posted by Relkin

The walking dead one is pretty good. The advertisement angle is funny. Maybe not in a three panel format though? I see one large panel with the lines you wrote plastered across some horrific scene. Trying to market a game that is at most times so depressing with a bright and energetic pitch is pretty great. That is what you did, maybe just go a bit farther with it? I see something like someone being eaten alive in the background, and Clementine(like you did in the third panel) in the foreground hiding behind something. Big, colorful text at the top advertising the title of the game, and those selling points you have(exactly as they are) dotted about the grisly picture. Good stuff!

Posted by Pabba

@slag: You know it! Maybe throw in a "and lots of hitching too on the Xbox 360!" for fun.

Posted by Noblenerf

Of the three, I've only played TWD - and your comic is spot on. It will be nice to see your future comics, especially if it's a game I've played!

The only thing I find weird is the Kieflings comic's last panel, with the dotted, white abyss for a background. It looks weirdly out of place in comparison to the other comics.

Anyways, keep up the good work.

Edited by Pabba

@noblenerf: Thanks! I got slightly lazy with that last panel for A World of Keflings, trying to focus on the kick over more background details. I'll keep it in mind for next time though.

Posted by csl316

World of Keflings was one of the best single-marathon playthroughs me and my buddy ever did.

Sorry, Halo 4.

Posted by Pabba

@csl316: Alas, I never had a couch friend to play with or even one online, and I wasn't into playing with strangers. So I never got any of the cooperative Achievements for this or for A Kingdom of Keflings. Oh well!

Posted by csl316

@pabba: My buddy booted up the game as I was heading out. He goes "play this" and I go "what, this looks kind of lame."

And before you know it, it was like 5 in the morning.