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@crithon: Oh man, I had no idea that could happen! Pretty neat, if brutal when low on health.

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If there's one thing I'm really looking forward to in terms of Drew's reaction when they hit Metal Gear Solid 2, it's the first time that Marine Corps fellow says "La Li Lu Le Lo" on the Tanker. I know I couldn't help but go, "The whaaa...?"

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@nasar7: Wow, didn't even make that connection about Snake sneaking in underwater! I feel like that's one case where a short, mandatory call reveals that info. Otherwise, I was kind of confused about their purpose, other than bugs being bugs. Or rather, wharf roaches.

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Like many fellow duders and dudettes, I've started replaying the Metal Gear games to keep up with Dan and Drew in their latest Premium members-only feature series. I just finished up Metal Gear Solid 2 the other day, beating it for maybe the second or third time in like ten years. The controls are a wee bit better, and the plot is just as zany as it always was, but something still never seemed clear to me by the end.


No, not of the game-breaking ilk. THESE ONES, SPECIFICALLY:

They are covering the walls when you first begin the Plant chapter as Raiden. You also spot one crawling out from underneath Plisken as he is taking a breather on some steps. And later, they mix with the gameplay, as you have to spray coolant on them to clear a safe path for Emma.

I just don't understand why the bugs are there at all. Is it a call back to Decoy Octopus and that corner of the cell from Metal Gear Solid? Is it explained via some CODEC call I missed?

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@zleunamme: Great job! I think his neck is not defined enough though, gets kind of lost in just some paint colors. Looking forward to Dan's portrait.

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Unfortunately, I've only actually played a small handful of games released in 2014, and they are Transistor and the latest season of Telltale's The Walking Dead. I guess between those two I'd say Transistor is more enjoyable, but I also just replayed Suikoden, and that JRPG is fantastic, so that's my GOTY for the moment.

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Boom, I'm back! Here's a stab at just a little logo treatment:

My Photoshop skills are not 100% amazing, and I couldn't figure out how to make the reds all uniform in color. Might tinker with it more later. Anyone know when the next episode is going up? I hope they record one before they leave for PAX!

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I've been following Jeremy Parish's work since the 1UP days, always well-written and explorative. I also rec everyone check out USGamer when they can!

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I'll actually have some Dan and Drew specific drawings to share soonish, but for now, here's this, which I just had to draw when that silly line was said:

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Does Alexis celebrate Slapsgiving?!