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In Telltale Minecraft, can I recreate a better version of Telltale's Jurassic Park? If so, I'm in.

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As we creep closer to the Game of the Year discussions, here's a fun tidbit from the letters section of Game Informer #228 to help keep everyone in check when it comes to Dan Ryckert:

Sorry for the less-than-stellar cell phone photo...

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Thanks for the Deep Look! I actually ended up getting Crash Team Racing over Chocobo Racing back in the day, and I'm still okay with that choice. I love me some fan service, but I think CTR is a better kart racer. I don't remember you touching on it in your vid, but how was the couch competitive modes? Are there battle arenas?

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Yes, Vanquish was so much fun, sliding around and shooting down massive robots! Plus, it has a fantastic end credits sequence.

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I really do hope they at least give it a look! It's got cute art, funny writing, and enough side quests to make the miscellaneous section in Skyrim feel jealous. But hey, even Nintendo didn't give it much love...

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Wow, phenomenal work! Love the twin snakes.

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Yeah, I'll totally buy Fallout: Where Everybody Knows Your Name.

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@wchigo: Ah, whoops! You're right. I started it on PC last month. Really good.

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@phantomzxro: Much like on other Level-5 games like Ni no Kuni and Dragon Quest IX, there are puns, and the best ones are when you speak to the pet shop owner guy. But yeah, the writing is a lot of fun!