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I beat Transistor a few weeks back, saw the message that I could now play it all over again in NG+, and haven't gone back since. However, I immediately played through Bastion a second time after playing it. I think some games are just different, some don't have enough hooks to get me excited for a second trip through...

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Here's hoping we get more Bradmails!

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@zmilla: It's more fun drawing hair though! :P

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Okay, here's three more, mostly because I feel horrible forgetting Alexis, a great part of the Giant Bomb team, especially when those 24-hr marathons come around:

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Gah, I just realized I forgot to include ALEXIS!

::hides shamefully in the corner::

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Just beat it on PS3, and it crashed for me several times, most often when I'd try to pull up the list of summonables and it would hardlock, though the music would continue playing.

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Aw man, yes! I snagged both Wild Arms games and Legend of Dragoon. Gotta build up that digital PS1 RPG collection!

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Today's my birthday, so hopefully the higher-up honchos don't mind that I'm bumping my own post. Y'all just gotta see these comics TO BELIEVE!

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RPG: Fallout 3

JRPG: Suikoden II (gotta love cooking mini-games!)