Recently I haven't been able to play any Xbox, school is just getting too hectic. Infinity Ward and Activision managed to squeeze fifteen dollars out of me for the Stimulus Package DLC just in time for AP tests and all that nonsense. The Infinity Ward drama has me really excited for whatever Respawn is gonna do for their first outing. I did actually manage to pirate the "new" Pokemon Gold remake (tsk, tsk I know, but I promise it was the first/last time). That game is really awesome because I've wanted to go back and play through the old one again, but an extreme lack of a GBA combined with those horrible graphics and clunky systems (which you could argue are still there) prevented me from doing so. I promise that if a DS falls into my hands, it'll be the first thing I buy. I also really want to play Civilization Revolution again, but I really don't have time. Civilization V has me really excited because I liked how approachable Civ Rev was, and it seems like Civilization V will be looking to work for both new-comers and the Civ veterans.
Thank you for reading, if I managed to trick you into doing so. Attention everyone: "Blowjobs". That is all.

(Oh yeah, listen to Idle Thumbs Podcast if you guys aren't already, awesome supplement to the Bombcast)