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@MarkWahlberg said:

Does it just get really intense, or is it like, one of those 'everyone is upset enough that it gets a bit awkward' discussions? I always feel super weird listening/watching stuff like that...

Really damn intense, you should watch the segment where Ryan challenges Tom to list worthwhile Vita exclusives. Vicious stuff.

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Holy shit at Kevin's review. I knew this game is gonna turn out bad but damn.

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Hey guys, Obsidian is still hiring. Just saying.

Edit: It looks like they're retiring. Well, it's a shame but I respect their decision. Hope them the best even if I didn't like their recent games.

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Project Eternity is the second Kickstarter I'll be funding. After falling in love with New Vegas, I'm going back to play all their old games. So yeah I'm a fan.

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Wonderful aesthetic and art direction, superb acting from everybody and especially Serkis, Ninja Theory took the tired post-apocalypse trope and turned it into something refreshing. Too bad the gameplay was absolutely dreadful, suffers from the worst lag input I've seen in a big budget game this generation and worst of all the atrocious frame-rate on the PS3 version. I wanted to love it but there was so much crap that got on the way of that I actually never bothered to finish it.

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Mass Effect 1

Shit gameplay but the writing, atmoshpere and tone was impeccable. It did such a great job at introducing this wonderful universe, it truly felt like a huge living universe populated by various races and cultures. The sequels pissed all that away, they'll never re-capture that magic.

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@LarryDavis said:

I still don't know why people love Dark Souls so much. It's good at first, but the developers seemed to be obsessed with just making it as hard as possible with no regard for whether it's due to dumb bullshit or not. Demon's Souls was a great balance of challenging things that still seemed fair. I played through it twice, no regrets. Dark Souls just seems to want to fuck you over at every opportunity, once you get to the swamp. Which also had the same awful framerate problem the swamp in the first game had.

What I'm saying is, it's not shocking that From Software released a totally botched port, since they couldn't even fix problems from the previous game on fixed hardware. Also Dark Souls is not good. So there's that. Here come the flames about how I'm just bad at it or whatever!

I actually agree with you. Demon's Souls was a much more balanced game in terms of design, difficulty and pacing. Bed of Chaos is one of the most awful boss fights I've ever played. Even the game's director, Miyazaki, outright admitted that. But as a whole, I love Dark Souls more despite being somewhat the inferior game from a design perspective. The Combat System, The variety of the environments and enemies, The art style, The music, The wonderful lore and world-building. Everything comes together to form this phenomenal work of art and game design.

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@Mysh said:

You guys that're calling him a pirate, and saying that he just copied in a dll and edited an ini file, where did you get that from?

If you click the third link in the story - "thanks to a skilled fan on NeoGAF", he pretty clearly explains that he began work on the mod a week before the game was due out. Essentially he built a generic framework in the dll to intercept the D3D calls affecting framebuffer resolution, ie. the hard part, then once the game was out all he had left to do was some small edits specific to the actual game (identify the exact D3D calls that it makes, i would guess). That's why he was able to mod it so quickly after the midnight unlock of the game files on GFWL.

The short of it is, maybe, read the story properly and attempt some research before making wild claims? I think the bloke deserves serious kudos for being so prepared, being smart enough to do it, and sharing it with everyone too.

This. Thank you.

I'm seriously tempted to get this port now. Well, after I finish platinuming Dark Souls on PS3. Now that'll take a while lol.

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@neverdeed said:

editing an ini file and slapping on a d3d9 processing dll is not "modding" and it wasnt 23 minutes, he had the pirated version and clearly was using an illegal copy for atleast a day

Actually no. Durante was testing his resolution workaround fix for other games the week before then he applied it to Dark Souls the day it was released. At least get your shit straight...

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Congratulations Mr and Mrs Klepick!