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Super Rare- Dean Ambrose (15/25)

Super Rare- Batista (13/25)

Super Rare- Eddie Guerrero (15/25)

Rare- Shawn Michaels (15/20)

Rare- *Pro* Eva Marie (17/25)

Rare- WWE Universe +15 Charisma

Rare- Taunt -9 Toughness & -9 Charisma

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I also saw it live and the crowd cheering heavily for both Stephanie McMahon and Brock Lesnar was kind of great. Also I wanted more Stardust!

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Saints Row 2 is better than Saints Row the Third.

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I never thought of Wiz Khalifa music as serious.

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Probably because it's something different than Disney's other programming. For adults, I assume they enjoy it because it isn't really dumbed down to a mind numbing extent. A better Disney Channel cartoon is Gravity Falls.

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Farmville with the Oculus Rift.

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Jennings clearly picked the ball and put the ball to his chest with both hands on it. Tate barely had his hand on the ball and then when they went to the ground he put his other hand on the ball and tried to wrestle it away but Jennings held it tight. It didn't matter that Tate had the ball after clearing the pile, it wasn't a fumble so it doesn't apply. Then when Tate was interviewed he said he had no doubt that it was a touchdown, what a bunch of bullshit.

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He sounds like the Armond White of video games. I've never played Borderlands, but I still understand its qualities and what its got going for it. His idea of the ideal FPS means he's a piece of shit.