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Yes, its on the coming up list on the front page. Starting with Bethesda on Sunday.

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Super Rare- Dean Ambrose (15/25)

Super Rare- Batista (13/25)

Super Rare- Eddie Guerrero (15/25)

Rare- Shawn Michaels (15/20)

Rare- *Pro* Eva Marie (17/25)

Rare- WWE Universe +15 Charisma

Rare- Taunt -9 Toughness & -9 Charisma

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I also saw it live and the crowd cheering heavily for both Stephanie McMahon and Brock Lesnar was kind of great. Also I wanted more Stardust!

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Saints Row 2 is better than Saints Row the Third.

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I never thought of Wiz Khalifa music as serious.

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Probably because it's something different than Disney's other programming. For adults, I assume they enjoy it because it isn't really dumbed down to a mind numbing extent. A better Disney Channel cartoon is Gravity Falls.

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Farmville with the Oculus Rift.